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Promoting peace talks shows China's responsible attitude

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

10:00, February 17, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China has not only made its stance clear on the Iranian nuclear crisis and the Syrian crisis, but also actively promoted peace talks. The country recently took a series of diplomatic actions toward Iran, Syria, and the Arab League, and exchanged views with related Western powers on the two hot issues, in a bid to play a constructive role in resolving the crises and reject criticism from the West as.

China has made great diplomatic efforts to resolve sensitive international hot-spot issues, and played an important role in mediating between various parties. The country has made practical efforts to promote peace talks, instead of just paying lip service. While maintaining impartiality and seeking to completely resolve problems, China has never ignored the world's grim realities, and has made great efforts to maintain a stable international order and to prevent sanguinary conflicts from escalating. This shows China's responsible attitude toward international and regional peace and stability, and can stand the test of time as it is in line with the world's development trends.

Western media attribute the Iran nuclear issue and Syria issue to political dictatorship. It is an arbitrary judgment that serves as the foundation for the West's further specific actions. With this fast classifying method, it is easy to deduce traditional tough measures, such as the economic sanction and military intervention, and the new method of solving issues by promoting the peace and negotiation is regarded as "a support to political tyranny."

The method of simplifying complicated issues and cracking down on one side of a confliction seems cheerful, but actually is not effective. Intensifying the contradiction will do nothing but enlarge the contradiction and even generate a series of serious troubles.

Promoting peace and negotiation is a way of solving issues thoroughly and completely. It indeed means paying more hard efforts, patience and wisdom and needs cooperation and joint efforts from more large external countries, but since the method of solving issues by compulsive measures has come to a dead end, it is necessary for the world to adopt a new method to deal with the crises.


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William Hooper at 2012-02-1837.34.16.*
Yes I think I see what you are saying- there are two goals in foreign policy. To maintain the balance of power ensuring a healthy world conflict and pain free world, and to change the balance of power, drawing together or separating nations for the pleasure of friendship. So policy in the west today constantly seeks to promote shared values and ostracise those with other opinions, which becomes an injustice because friendship is something that should be voluntary not forced. Poor China, a lonely man in a world of politicking women grown too large to avoid their attention.
PD User at 2012-02-1882.145.211.*
I enjoyed reading your article. Please do not take offense as I am correctly 2 points in an otherwise very well written article and your english is much better than my chinese. For the author multiple "and" should be replaced with " , " In all cases only the final item should be proceeded with "and" also "conflictation" is not a word but that is because the English language is not a pure language and the rules vary without consistency. English is the bastard language of many European languages and nobody ever knows all the rules. Pasting text into an English based spell check in Google mail would be a quick way to identify such mistakes.)Onto the article subject. The position of the Chinese government on Syria is understandable but determined by the politics of reactionary positioning and defence. You are now once again a global power & leader you should consider the course of action that best reflects your countries new image as a forward looking power for justice and respect amongst the people of the world. You can lead from the front and change things for the better due to your influence.

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