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China, India should strengthen mutual trust

By Wu Yongnian (Jiefang Daily)

16:53, February 14, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

In the beginning of 2012, the Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo visited India and the 15th meeting of special representatives for the border issue between China and India was also held, leading to a good development trend of the China-India relations.

However, some contradictions and issues that still exist between China and India are still severely disturbing the normal development of the China-India relations.

The first issue is the China-India border negotiation. China and India have held 15 meetings of special representatives for the border issue. Although the meetings have made many positive achievements, it is still far away from reaching a fair, just and reasonable agreement.

The main barrier still comes from the Indian side. First, many Indian media insist that the border line between China and India should be based on the "McMahon Line" left by British colonists.

Second, the Indian side believes that the border dispute between China and India covers not only the eastern region of 90,000 square kilometers but also the western region of 30,000 square kilometers and the western region is India's too. This wrong argument, which totally disregards the history, still has supporters in India.

Third, India has a multi-party political system and its society is extremely complicated. Various Indian political parties have different understandings on the China-India border issue, and therefore, it is hard for them to reach an agreement on the issue.

Fourth, India argues that since China has compromised while solving its border issues with other countries, China should also make a concession in solving its border dispute with India. India believes it is not a "benefited side" but is a victim, and therefore, it should not accept the principle of "solving the border issue in a mutual understanding and mutual accommodation way" proposed by China.

Fifth, the viewpoint that China will attack India has not fully disappeared in India, and some Indian people still believe that China is strengthening military deployment in the border area.

Another issue is anti-dumping investigation and opinion of unfavorable balance existing in the Sino-India trade. Although the China-India trade has a great space for grow, it suffers a slow growth rate, mainly resulting from India's safety factors.

For instance, the opening of Nathula Port, a golden channel for the Sino-India trade was originally thought to bring great achievements to the Sino-India border trade, but ended quite differently. The root cause is that someone in India thinks the opening of Nathula Port will threaten India's security.

Besides, the Sino-India trade is seeing increasing and more complex conflicts. According to India's statistics, Chinese products account for 60 percent of those anti-dumping investigated by India each year. India worries batches of cheap goods made in China will hurt their domestic industrial production.

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PD User at 2012-03-19117.192.83.*
Most Indians prefer to have a cordial relationship with Chinese and keep the evil West away from the East...But China supports a terrorist state against India..!!!
PD User at 2012-03-13208.96.93.*
I smell filthy pork here.
RH at 2012-03-0392.14.182.*
What is the point of arguing? Our ancestors Bodhidharma and Xuanzang went to each others nations and became beacons of friendship. Friendship is the future for our relations.
sarab at 2012-02-2542.110.206.*
China is fast growing as military hotspot could any body tell me why this buildup for when u don"t superior force in this region to launch strike against contrast it is China who attack India and guarantee that China won"t do again.all area occupied by China is either Indian or Tibet.
PD User at 2012-02-23221.127.46.*
@ Indian: I have just returned after a visit to your country. Talk of saving face, not only do you not go about lifting the multitudes out of poverty, you aren"t even decent enough to acknowledge its existence. Its not the fair-skinned upper caste Hindoos, descendants of Aryan invaders (Bramin & Chettri) who are in this griding state of poverty; its the 80% dark skinned indigenously-mixed people who live on less than Rs 30 a day. Now try denying this!

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