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Chinese VP's US visit strengthens bilateral ties

By Ruan Zongze (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:52, February 13, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Before Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visiting the United States, he talked with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on the phone. Xi said that he hoped to exchange opinions widely and deeply with the United States on the bilateral relations and other important issues, thus giving the outside world a positive signal that China and the United States will overcome hardships jointly and strengthen their cooperation.

Xi's visit to the United States covers various subjects which emphasize the future of the China-U.S. relations, and therefore, the visit could be regarded as a link between the past and future and a journey of strengthening the cooperation and confidence.

In recent years, the China-U.S. relations maintained a positive and steady development momentum in general. However, the United States' domestic political ecology has significantly changed. In the United States, the political polarization is thriving and the social anxiety increases. A mainstream thought within the United States is that the first 10 years of the 21st century were “lost 10 years” for the United States, because in the 10 years, the United States focused only on anti-terrorism and ignored taking precautions against big emerging powers, while China is drawing a new map of global wealth.

However, fact is that whenever the United States feels bad or has an economic difficulty, it always blames others. As the election campaign heating up in the United States this year, the trend of trying to “blame China” to obtain political capitals has appeared.

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Shroder in Germany at 2012-02-17205.172.21.*
I share your concern, Why China trade with a beggar-US?
HuoQiao at 2012-02-1568.24.131.*
Why placing such high hope for one visit that would strengthen the relationship? The more you visits the more they feel you are in desperate and tighten your noose more. The best way is raise your everything up to the point where they in turn come to knock on your door, then positive or the socalled true bilateral relationship can happened.
helen at 2012-02-14141.0.8.*
Everybody is entitled to dream in a World contaminated and endangered by US Global Tyranny. The outcome will be still be the same as before.What a waste of time ..........!
Liz in UK at 2012-02-14199.94.48.*
Why China doing business with America? US is bankrupted!

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