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Returning to Libya not easy for Chinese companies

By Jiao Xiang (People's Daily)

16:33, February 13, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The working team sent by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce wrapped up its visit to Libya on Feb. 8, 2012. According to the Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy in Libya, there are still some obstacles for Chinese funded companies to return to Libya.

First of all, the Transitional Government of Libya has not yet developed a unified policy and solution on the leftover problems of the pre-war projects. Foreign companies including Chinese ones are still faced with problems and difficulties in procedures such as entry visa for personnel, customs clearance for equipment and materials, release of business bank accounts, bank guarantees, and so on.

Even Ministry of Economic Affair and Ministry of Housing and Public Facilities, which are both parts of the Transitional Government, hold totally different attitudes toward the returning of Chinese enterprises to Libya. The former is very welcoming and cooperative, while the latter requires Chinese funded companies to unconditionally return to work. In this regard, the delegation has informed the Libyan authorities about the attitude of the Chinese side, but hasn't received any response.

Secondly, the security situation in Libya remains unstable, with conflicts between armed factions occurring in some areas every now and then, so it is difficult to guarantee the safety of foreign enterprises and personnel.

Thirdly, whether or not Chinese companies can return to work also depends on the different circumstances in different regions. At present, the Benghazi government in particular expresses strong demand for Chinese enterprises to return to Libya, because most of the works undertaken by Chinese enterprises in this region are livelihood projects, which urgently need to be rebuilt.

The local government in Benghazi has held close consultations with the Transitional Government of Libya, hoping facilities can be provided for Chinese companies to return to Benghazi as soon as possible.


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PD User at 2012-02-21174.1.225.*
Whatever the situation goes, in a long-run Chinese low-cost competiviness will overpower Westen economy mighty,that is, costly war-based economy. The world landscape has changed dramatically. The military venturism cost way more than ever before, and even to the point of driving venturists states into economy suicidal .
Francisco at 2012-02-1565.208.187.*
Whose livelihood, Libians?. Fuck them!The Almighty
HuoQiao at 2012-02-1568.24.131.*
Even if the government is stable and years down the road, it will not be so safe for those that voted at the UN to allowed the murdered of Gaddafy.
Nic at 2012-02-14175.141.161.*
As lives may be in danger, the Libyan government may have to take up insurance to guarantee the safety of the lives of the workers there. This may will be with re-negotiated contracts as "risk of lives/war risk" is involved here.So higher contract price and higher emolument with home town passage (once-a-year) for the workers too.Best still have some Chinese army personnels around together with the local army personnels to joint inspect the accomodation/work sites 24 hours until works are completed and handed over.
HuoQiao at 2012-02-1468.24.131.*
Even if the government is stable, individuals will continue to harm you because you voted to allowed Saddam to be killed.

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