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Safeguarding Chinese employees abroad

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

14:24, February 10, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

In recent years, Chinese enterprises have encountered the staff security issue in Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Yemen, suggesting that going-global Chinese enterprises are facing severe challenges in safety precautions. 

With the advancement of Chinese enterprises' strategy of "going global", a great number of Chinese employees are sent to work overseas. As a result of China's higher influence globally, the political and economic effect of kidnapping Chinese has also been magnified. Therefore, Chinese enterprises are in urgent need to formulate comprehensive response plan to cope with the changing situations.

Given complex environment in foreign countries, emergencies are unpredictable. China's diplomatic organs need to maintain sound communication with government and military of host countries so as to quickly respond to emergencies. Apart from measures adopted at diplomatic level, Chinese enterprises also need to take actions to draw on advantages and avoid disadvantages.

Employees' life and safety is always the most important issue. Therefore, while going global bravely, Chinese enterprises must take the risks they may face seriously. Investing or undertaking projects overseas need a great deal of research and consultation and various risk assessment. Such basic work needs to be done in advance.

Apart from strengthening security measures, Chinese enterprises also need to attach importance to making local friends instead of doing business behind closed doors. Enterprises should establish close relations with foreign nations or tribes through public relations. Such a move can prevent risks as well as help timely adjust operation strategies and investment distribution as conditions change.

It is the general trend for Chinese enterprises to go to international markets. On international markets featuring fierce competition, enterprises should timely grab opportunities while carefully handing issues concerning employees' security. Bloody lessons have taught us that we should have safety consciousness all the time.


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