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Such a run of luck cannot be allowed to fail

(Global Times)

09:30, February 10, 2012

China has had a long run of luck in recent decades. Few countries can match China's momentum of development. Holding such good cards, if China should falter, several Chinese generations would bear the burden.

China has taken many detours since its founding. But it has also seized several important chances in international politics and become increasingly stronger, to the extent that its rise is now almost certain. China's achievements and position today are beyond all expectations.

Some older people had resigned themselves to always being poorer than Westerners. We also thought that freedom of speech was irrelevant to China.

Chinese economy is enormous both in terms of quality and quantity. The new industrial revolution embodies great opportunities for China's development. It is true that there is still a wealth gap between China's western and eastern regions, but the gap also indicates space for further development. Neither developed nor developing countries have the same opportunity.

China's political and economic system is more like the hybrid of the two major models of human society. It has both the mobilization of centralized governments and the vitality of free markets. Amid the turmoil caused by global politics in the last 20 years, China has shown extraordinary resiliency.

The containment China experience is relatively slight compared to the previous rise of big powers.

But for China, good cards do not guarantee victory. The most dangerous thing is that China has never been dealt such a hand before and cannot estimate its strength or that of its opponents. Due to this, it might make mistakes and even misread its cards and destroy its future.

It is odd that Western countries are aggressively expanding their political and cultural territory while their economy is shrinking. In contrast, China is developing at the fastest pace in the world, but is being criticized internationally. China is at a loss in ideology.

Chinese society still lacks confidence. Some people are positive about international politics, but some always regard China as inferior and perceive every problem as being the fault of the whole system. Both reflect an inferiority complex.

If China loses, it will be due to a lack of confidence. No specific mistake can ruin China's luck, because as long as we remain calm, China's resiliency and flexibility will see us through.

China needs to be brave enough to firmly master its fate. Chinese civilization has risen from the dead several times. Our behavior and bravery should match our civilization that has been through the wars.


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PD User at 2012-02-1374.248.255.*
It is a great mistake and loss to individuals when they compare themselves to westerners. Even in the USA; as the southerners compare themselves to the northerners. While the north gained wealth working in the factories and the southerners worked hard in the fields - why should the southerners feel jaded when they had a life of family good healthy food and freedom to roam the countryside, a life without the stress of the city. The northerners worked as robotic slaves and spent money like there was no tomorrow. Lost childhoods and family bonds, fast food and roaming the streets paved in shootings. Then they lost it all to the bankers on wall street and the financial games devastating. Not even a good childhood memory to be proud of. The southerners still resent that which they did not have-but would not have given up anyway. There is nothing gained in wanting what the west has, they are never satisfied. And wealth is taken away in a second, making more cruel memories. Why slave for the man?

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