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Practical guarantee for lasting peace

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

16:49, February 09, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Syria situation is further worsening, and the price paid for the prolonged crisis is the increasing casualties and growing hatred. International communities must intervene in the situation quickly and effectively and form a powerful composite force to prevent violence from escalating.

Unfortunately, the big countries' standpoints on this issue are different. Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs has arrived in Damascus and China is also considering sending diplomats to relevant countries in order to make contributions for solving the Syria issue politically. However, Western countries have clearly expressed their determination of overthrowing the current Syrian government and already taken a series of specific actions. Some Western media said in public that the bloody conflict within Syria is a war of spokesmen between the West and Russia.

If larger humanitarian disasters occur in Syria, Syrian people will suffer more and the system of international relations will be heavily impacted. Every war is a tragedy of international communities and reveals the fragile aspect of the international configuration.

What is the chance for solving Syria crisis by peaceful means? Which side involved in the conflict will win if a war breaks out? We have to face these questions. The Libyan War gives people enough reasons to worry about the situations in Syria.

Diplomacy needs to be realistic enough and requires various essential resources and means. Meanwhile, diplomacy also conveys ideas and will. China has the moral high ground and enough self-confidence in diplomacy toward Syria crisis.

China's constructive promotion of solving Syria problem in politics is to fulfill its responsibility of faithfully maintaining international peace and security as a big country so as to guarantee fundamental interests of Syrians. As China does not pursue any selfish interest, it has no need to worry about anything. Starting from the fundamental interests of its own people and common interests of people of the world, not only endows Chinese diplomacy with charms, but provides guarantee to lasting world peace.


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