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Why China vetoes UN draft resolution for Syria issue

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

16:36, February 08, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On Feb. 4, the UN Security Council voted on the draft resolution for the Syria crisis. Based on the standpoint of solving issues through peaceful negotiations and political measures, both China and Russia vetoed the draft resolution.

The situation of Syria is still worsening and civilian casualties of Syria are still increasing. Vetoing the UN Security Council's draft resolution does not mean that China will sit by and watch the sad situation going on. Instead, it means China is responsible for the fundamental interests of the Syrian people. The current situation of Syria is very complicated, and the action of simply supporting one side and opposing the other side seemingly will bring a favorable turn but actually will lead to potential disasters.

Promoting solving a country's internal conflict in a peaceful way will not only effectively stop violence from spreading but also lay a solid foundation for the country's long-term stability. Using violence to restrain violence will not bring long-term peace.

It is not hard for the most powerful military alliance to overthrow a small country's administration through war. The problem is that the military giant will withdraw after the war. Even if it stays for a while, it will not taking protecting lives of local civilians as its primary task. The tragedies that have occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan have proved it.

Using violence to prevent humanitarian disasters sounds just and responsible. However, aren't the attacks and explosions that have occurred after the regime changes in the two countries humanitarian disasters? If member countries of the UN Security Council take this possible result into consideration, they should be more cautious and careful in dealing with the civil disorder of a country.

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John at 2012-02-16113.239.227.*
Arab Man- how much do you charge for a bj
PD User at 2012-02-14218.102.190.*
China and Russia therefore should not just stop at the veto. No long-term peace can be built upon violence and military threat. China and Russia ought to gather strength of peace-loving nations or prestiguous peoples, etc. to facilitate the dialogue or offer inducement for the resolution of conflict.
Jaqson at 2012-02-1463.228.43.*
The United States and the West are simply defending the interests of the World at large. China and Russia both have long-standing totalitarian regimes and this is reflected in their poorly made decision to let the bloodletting in Syria continue.
Arab Man at 2012-02-13188.117.31.*
thanks to the chinese we always appreciate the work you have done,, western hypocrite claim themselves freeworld and democracy but is the most authoritism soceity has world ever seen,, anyway keep that commitment and stand to weak nations their sovereignty.
MediaCheck at 2012-02-1299.34.230.*
China has acted responsibly by stopping a mad rush to even larger humanitarian crisis; the West has had many chances to get things right and has refused to do so by supporting neo-colonial states such as Israel and 6th century regimes like Saudi Arabia. More death and destruction is not the answer.

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