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Syria becomes focus of struggle among great powers

By Yang LIming (China Youth Daily)

15:36, February 08, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council draft resolution on Syria on Feb. 4. At present, Syria is not only the eye of the storm in the Middle East, but also a focus of interest for great powers that seek to set the template for resolving the crisis of a sovereign state.

Arab League increasingly tough on Syria

The Arab League is becoming increasingly tough on Syria. On Feb. 4, the Arab Parliament, a committee of parliamentarians from Arab League states, called on Arab countries to expel Syria's ambassadors over Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's continued crackdown on protests despite growing international pressure.

On the same day, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency denied Western accusations that Syrian security forces had bombarded the country's third largest city, Homs, and caused heavy casualties. The news agency cited a government official as saying that this was a "sinister bid" of armed terrorist groups and the opposition Syrian National Council to "negatively affect the ongoing UN Security Council discussions about Syria."

The United States insists that Assad must step down

The United States has recently made its stance even clearer that Assad must step down. In fact, it had been persuading and pressuring other countries to vote in favor of the draft resolution before the Security Council vote.

Hillary Clinton went to the headquarters of the United Nations in New York personally in the end of January and insisted that the only peaceful solution for the Syria Crisis should be President Bashar al-Assad's quit. She said that Syria is not Libya and the plan proposed by the League of Arab States has showed the road for the political transition of Syria. She expressed that she knows some member countries are worrying about that the UN Security Council may treat Syria as Libya, but it is a wrong comparison, and Syria's special condition needs a special solution.

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Kevin at 2012-02-12173.9.49.*
The current turmoil is direct result of CIA covert operation since 2007
General Zukunov at 2012-02-11140.247.225.*
Looks, US is posing grave threat to Chinese security by export weapons to Taiwan, deployed B2 bombers in Guam and conduct weekly naval exercise in China"s front door- Yellow Sea. China must pursue a very confrontational policy against US interests in Middle East and Asia Pacific region.
John Gilberts at 2012-02-0970.51.163.*
I cannot express enough my profound relief at seeing Russia and China effectively derail what was clearly intended to be yet another regime change operation in Syria. I hope this is just the beginning of masterful and assurred coordination between China and Russia to halt this awful imperialist spress of aggression via bogus "humanitarian interventions". The true HI just happened in Syria with Russia and China. The world thanks you both!
wende at 2012-02-0971.255.83.*
I wonder why the west always points to the govt as the culprit and never lay a finger on the opposition. China is always blamed when there is trouble in Tibet or Xinjiang. However, in Bahrain, the putting down of demonstrators did not even raise an eyebrow in US or the west. So their actions are hypocritical and they choose whom to blame. The perceived "unfriendly" govt are always blamed.
Canada at 2012-02-0970.36.49.*
Why aren"t Hillary & Obama stopping the murder and torture of pro-Gaddafi supporters in Libya, and put an end to polygamy that turns women into sex slaves, if they care about human rights? Once they"ve installed their puppet regime they don"t give a damn about the Libyan people.

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