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China must master ‘WTO language’ to safeguard economic sovereignty

(People's Daily)

16:20, February 03, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The WTO appellate body's ruling on the case of the United States, Europe and Mexico accusing China for restricting the export of nine industrial materials is warmly cheered by Western media. The West's intention of forcing China to loosen its control on the export of rare earths is no secret.

The WTO does not restrict the reasonable protection on non-renewable resources, and it is not the first time that the West has used WTO rules to force China. Experts believe that the current issue faced by China is how China should use “WTO language” to safeguard its economic sovereignty.

Every country can determine its output and export volumes of resources according to its environmental protection requirements.

To protect environment and conserve natural resources, the Chinese government has strengthened its supervision and management on some resource products, especially high pollution, high energy-consuming and high resource-relying products. Regarding this issue, Liu Qing, deputy secretary-general of the Peaceful Reunification of China Southern California Promotion Alliance, told the People's Daily that it is the WTO's principle to oppose trade protectionism and unfair measures on import, but the WTO does not has the regulation of forcing a country to export or to restrict its export.

Liu said that resources are also the sovereignty of a country and every country has the right to determine its output and export volumes of resources according to its environmental protection requirements. The United States has extremely abundant oil reserves, but it always restricts its domestic oil exploitation, and one of its high-sounding excuses is protecting its natural environment and resources.

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stevelaudig at 2012-02-0496.44.178.*
Since when is the WTO agreement a suicide note for the benefit of world capitalists.
wende at 2012-02-0371.255.83.*
The west not only sets the rules but the judges are overwhelmingly staffed with westerners. Their rulings will always lean heavily in favor of the west. It is time to present the case by showing the hypocricy of these rulings. China should also hit the west back by constantly collecting information about their subsidies, tax free, low interest loans granted by their governments.
Pat at 2012-02-0374.177.64.*
Thank you, this is genius in it"s simplicity and wisdom. EVERYTHING must be based on local effects. Why in USA it has been difficult(if not impossible) to sell local food to the local market! In USA with Monsanto for instance exporting it"s agent orange typed chemicals to farmers all over the world effectively entire species and genuses have been eliminated in the insect bird and mammal world, with humanity negatively effected along with water/soil/air. A total lack of understanding or concern for the environment where these poisons and seeds are exported. Nevertheless forced by corrupted market forces and pressure to export. And wherever the chemicals are manufactured a lack of insight has been maintained for employees and local environment. There is proof of the lack and covers ups. China impact is so welcome and so late for so much and many, nevertheless - progress is also a warfront.
PD User at 2012-02-03122.174.78.*
frustrated west ha ha ha, watch for more frustration
Fat-Chun Leung Ki at 2012-02-03188.61.105.*
The West will any way complain whenever China takes measures to properly manage its minerals resources. In the past and even not so long ago, there are groups of people, including peasants, with little basic knowledge of mining, have illegally dig out ores. In fact, it is stealing. Their mining methods are often rudimentary and leaving enormous waste behind besides being destructing to the environment. No country, not even China, could sustain wanton and disorderly waste of its mineral resources whether it is rare earths or any other minerals. Minerals are nonrenewable resources and China is not particularly endows when it comes to minerals.

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