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History proves China's sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands

By Liu Jiangyong (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:12, February 02, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Japanese government recently announced that it will name several dozen nameless islands, some of which are part of China's Diaoyu Islands.

The Diaoyu Islands and its adjacent islets were first discovered, named, utilized, and included in the maritime defense zone by China. Since 1372, Ming and Qing diplomatic envoys have always visited the Diaoyu Islands during their trip to the Ryukyu Kingdom. The earliest written record of the islands dates back to 1403 in a Chinese book about sea routes, "Voyage with the Tail Wind."

In December 1971, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an official statement that the Diaoyu Islands, Huangwei Island, Chiwei Island, Nanxiao Island, and Beixiao Island are affiliated islands of Taiwan. These islands and Taiwan have been an integral part of China's territory since ancient times.

"It is a well-recognized fact among Chinese, Ryukyuans, and even Japanese that the Diaoyu Islands have been part of China's territory since the Ming dynasty," said Kiyoshi Inoue, a late Japanese historian.

The Japanese government claimed that the Diaoyu Islands are under the jurisdiction of Okinawa Prefecture. However, the Diaoyu Islands were not included among the 36 islets of the Ryukyu Kingdom, which was annexed by Japan as Okinawa Prefecture.

Japan used to falsify the name of the Diaoyu Islands in order to annex it. An in-depth research by Chinese scholar Ju Deyuan showed that in around 1838, the Ryukyu Kingdom mistook Jiuchang and Jiumichi islands near Naha for Huangwei and Chiwei islands. The Qing diplomatic envoy to the kingdom was misled, and the Japanese Meiji administration took advantage of this mistake in 1885 to annex the Diaoyu Islands.

Japanese changed the name of the Diaoyu Islands to "Senkaku Shosho" based on the English name "Pinnacle Islands" used by the British navy, and then renamed it "Senkaku Islands" in 1900, nearly 500 years later than the islands received its Chinese name. It has been proved repeatedly that Japan's intention of renaming the Diaoyu Islands can only backfire, instead of helping it gain sovereignty over the islands.


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laykiss at 2012-06-14180.213.93.*
OK boys and girls, lesson 101, do you really trust what the USA say, they"re using japan as a pawn to once again steal what they cant get legally, and as usual, OIL. look to your damn history and see the wolf in sheep"s clothing, if not, you too could be next on the list.
ASEAN at 2012-02-07220.255.2.*
@PD User (113.239.228). What is so great about US that I have to love US ? You are a moron that are brainwashed daily by your mass media. You failed to realise that US had caused great miseries through all the continents in the world. Even Revered Jeremiah Wright said " God damn America ". Why he said that ? Because he is spiritually pure and can see the evil that USA had done to other countries. You moron, grow up !
ASEAN at 2012-02-07220.255.2.*
@PD User (113.239.228) You are a f**king asshole !
PD User at 2012-02-06113.239.228.*
I am also sorry that you cannot set your ass on fire
PD User at 2012-02-06113.239.228.*
ASEAN - your brain was never impartial. You were born hating America and you will die hating America. Ask if we care.

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