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China's stance on Iranian nuclear issue is clear

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

14:58, February 01, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Despite the delicate situation in Syria, the world's attention is now focused on the confrontation between Iran and the West.

Saber-rattling does not necessarily turn into an actual war. Iran is a major oil exporter, and the Persian Gulf is a strategic energy transportation hub. The complex situation and uncertain prospects for the region have caused instability in global energy markets, and cast a heavy shadow over the world economy. Once this hornets' nest is stirred up, the entire world will be affected.

The confrontation between Iran and the West is a threat to world peace and a challenge for China. With rising global clout, it is in China's interests to make its stance clear and to make practical efforts to resolve this major issue.

China has made it clear from the very beginning that Iran must not produce or possess nuclear weapons, but sanctions and confrontation are not conductive to resolving the issue. All parties involved should return to the negotiating table as soon as possible. China's clear stance shows its responsible attitude, respect for justice, adherence to peace, and opposition to war.

Fairness and Justice are powerful. That is why few people dare to challenge China's standpoint in the moral level. Currently, voices of criticizing and censuring China's policies are mainly focused on two aspects: China's principled standpoint is weak and practical influence is limited; China's attitude of promoting peace and negotiations actually means lacking responsibility.

It must be seen that these negative voices are not real. Some of them are out of the hatred from the fact that China does not cooperate with the West's operations; and some of them are out of the true worry on issue that whether China could safeguard its legal interests effectively.

China's diplomacy is open, frank and forthright. What China can declare clearly is that only the common interests of the people of China and the world are safeguarded can the global peace and developed be promoted.

As long as someone clearly understands this fundamental point, he could truly understand the practical spirit and constructive attitude of China's diplomacy.


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Sri at 2012-03-0594.59.21.*
Tim, since when did Iran become an Arab country. Your wisdom sucks!
PD User at 2012-02-1463.228.43.*
The difference between Israel and Iran is the difference between a respectable, democratic 1st world country and a backwards, totalitarian 3rd world one. Israel has made its share of mistakes, but Iran is a menace to the entire region and the world so long as it seeks nuclear weapons.
Tim at 2012-02-03166.205.137.*
Thats all possibly true, but none of you mention what to do if and when Iran has nuclear weapons. You have to choose whether its ok with you or not that they have nuclear weapons. If it is not, face it, the time for talking is about up. They are stalling and letting you talk while they work on developing the weapons. it is very foolish to think talking will stop an extreme Arab country from doing anything. Don"t assume they are sane reasonable people because you are. They thought that about Hitler in England.
PD User at 2012-02-03173.180.89.*
Two-faced US... they adore non Democratic, anti freedom regimes like Saudi Arabia and condemn Iran.. a nation they have messed with for decades, the US and UK overthrew Iran"s Democratically elected government in 1953 Russia UK invaded them in 1941.The US started Iran"s nuclear power when their dictator, the Shaw was put in power.Only China has the backbone to stand-up to the {Great Satan} and its endless lust for world power, Ameria has murdered [millions] all over the globe, their CIA torture, kill, deal drugs support mass-murdering regimes. Isreal has the US in their back pockets, the Jews control so much of the USA.The US has sold and borrowed the rope being used to hang itself with, their ideas of freedeom are-- Degenerate Homos queers, dykes, sickos getting married! superfat slobs all over, guns in schools, bars, cars, prisons all over, weapons of death, drugs, crime, pornography and wars of waste money-making and death. Land of the Free! was built-on-a-dung-pile and is rotting from the inside out.Facts of life.
Chinhomiah at 2012-02-02180.129.80.*
Speaking from a strategic standpoint, if the US chooses to get itself deeper over the Iranian situation, it is not entirely bad for China. A US that is bogged down in many places is less equipped to stir shit in the South China Sea. The fact of the matter is that to salve the sting of decline, Washington is about to commit the mistake of stumbling into a catastrophic misadventure, which will only demonstrate for all to see, as well as accelerate, its reduced stature. For a meddlesome superpower given to behaving most irresponsibily on the international stage, such a development is to be welcomed.

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