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US unlikely to play dominant role in resolving South China Sea issue

By Ding Gang (People's Daily)

15:17, January 19, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, two conferences relevant to the issue of South China Sea have been held in China and the United States. One is the Fourth Senior Official Conference held in Beijing, which is for China and ASEAN's implementation of Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in South China Sea, and this conference shows that the general situation of South China Sea is currently in peace and stability, and each country demanding the territorial sovereignty is also willing to solve the issue through talks and negotiations.

The other is the news conference on the Strategic Report of South China Sea in Washington on Jan. 10. According to report of U.S. media, seeing the stabilized situation of South China Sea with the United States seemingly excluded, some people in Washington are anxious to take actions.

According to the Strategic Report of South China Sea issued in the conference, the decisive factor of whether the United States could lead the Asia-Pacific region in the 21st century lies in the South China Sea that is in the strategically leading position.

Greenert, chief of US Navy Operations, also says at the conference, "We will match the newly issued guides of national defense strategy with our military strength, and my first analysis is that the navy still possesses powerful strengths in the Western Pacific."

The report suggests that efforts should be directed to establish a multilateral mechanism with the dominance of the United States. In order to handle China's "hegemony" in the issue of South China Sea, the United States could weave a new network of security partners on the issue. This new network of security partners should be a "radial" alliance mode surrounding "the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia and the Philippines".

These suggestions highlight the United States' impulse to set rules for the South China Sea, which sounds like old stories in the Cold War decades ago, but it does happen in the 21st century today. Obviously, on this issue, it's the United States instead of China that is seeking hegemony.

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Obami at 2012-01-26220.255.1.*
China is and was never interested in ASEAN. During the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese emperor sent Admiral Zheng He with huge armada of thousands of ships and 30,000 soldiers to southeast Asia, India, Arab lands, and east Africa. Not a single country was colonised by China. During the Qing Dynasty, China was the sole superpower of the world. Not a single country was colonised by her. After the decline of the Qing Dynasty, look what the western and Japanese imperialists did to India, America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Asia? China is not interested in ASEAN. China is only interested in ONE BIG CHINA, or greater China as it is called. This includes Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Diaoyutai, Spratleys and Paracel islands. These were traditional Chinese territories for thousands of years, before they were stolen by western imperialists, Japanese imperialists, and their colonial servants such as French servant Vietnam, British servant India, American servant Philippines, British servant Malaysia and Dutch servant Indonesia. Singapore was British servant, but it does not have any claim. Singapore is neutral, doesn"t take sides.
Chinhomiah at 2012-01-2049.245.60.*
It is interesting that one of the commentators here in listing those countries supportive of the US, mentioned "Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, etc." I wonder what comes under "etc". Isn"t it obvious that the northern half of ASEAN is not enthused about being dragged into the US side. Myanmar faces a different sea - the Andaman and not the South China Sea. Thailand is quite happy having close links with China. The recent unilateral US travel advisory concerning the threat of terrorism in Thailand, thereby undermining the kingdom"s tourism just as it is struggling to recover from the floods, is not something that is going to endear Thais to the US. And what about the recent report of a member of Yingluck"s new cabinet being on the US blacklist. One can hardly wait for more instances of the US shooting its own foot. But beyond all this, isn"t the refusal of Laos (which mind you, is landlocked) and Cambodia to send representatives to an ASEAN legal conference in Manila to discuss the South China Sea two months ago is a resounding statement of what the northern half of ASEAN thinks of American machinations to contain China. Outside Indochina, there is Malaysia and Indonesia. I am not so sure they are too enthusiastic about the American plans. Malaysia has been remarkably silent on this matter. If I"m not wrong, some Indonesian legislators recently even wondered aloud if the presence of American marines in Darwin is to enable the US to interfere with Jakarta"s efforts to tame/control some of its far-flung provinces.
Deng Ping at 2012-01-2071.188.0.*
Who crazy enough to side with China NOT USA. All ASEAN member nations know that without USA involvement the ASEAN countries will be came ONE BIG CHINA mater of times. Therefor no country in ASEAN will side with China
Singa at 2012-01-20220.255.2.*
Don"t drag Singapore into Uncle Sam"s plans. Singapore is predominantly Chinese. Singaporeans will never be part of USA "s agenda. As for the other South East Asians, they jusy want to get whatever economic benefits they can squeeze from the Americans of the USA. But with the Americans of USA getting bankrupt, soon they have no choice but to play ball with China.
Du at 2012-01-20203.2.182.*
the surrounding countries of the South China Sea MIGHT not need the attendance of "Uncle Sam" if China does not claim 80% of SCS. The fact is opposite: all country in SCS are happy to see Uncle Sam come back (eg. Philipine, Vietname, Singapore, etc)

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