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US should take rational view on China's military development

By Yang Yi (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:55, January 18, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The U.S. Department of Defense issued a strategic guide to defense on Jan. 5, which stressed that the strategic investment in the Asian-Pacific region should be strengthened, and the United States claims that this action is taken in response to the challenges brought by the development of Chinese military strength.

It says, in the long run, China becoming the regional great power will have the potential to influence American economy and security through every means. China will continue developing asymmetric manners to counterbalance American delivery capacity, and China has to clarify its strategic purposes in improving the military strength.

Chinese Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have presently refuted America's accusations, hoping it could conform to the trend of time, view China and the Chinese military forces objectively and rationally. China also urged it to do more things that are conducive to the regional peace and stability.

American government's accusations of the Chinese government and Chinese military forces in this document are groundless. China's course of over the 30 years since the Reform and Opening-up is a process of peaceful development, and China's development not only benefits all Chinese people, but also brings great opportunities for the regional and global peace and development.

Constructing a harmonious socialism society with prosperity and promoting the construction of an externally harmonious periphery and world reflect the Chinese government's highly unification between domestic and foreign affairs on levels of strategy, philosophy and thinking.

In the early stage since the Reform and Opening-up, China's investments in national defense and army construction stayed at a low level, which broadened its distance with the military modernization of each country throughout the world.

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CARV, Colombia at 2012-02-06190.249.12.*
Pleas, do not name USA "America". This is an abusive and bizarre form of political and cultural imperialism in relation to the rest of the true american countries.
WJLung at 2012-02-02114.76.49.*
China has constantly America to be a positive partner to create a harmonious world and curb the racist elements in its society. America needs to come to the party and stop being the proverbial dog and wet blanket.
Jack at 2012-02-0194.175.99.*
Every country on the pathway towards becoming a large power provides the image their military growth is defensive and has no aggressive intentions although when the right time or situation arises people will realize the growth they allowed to happen of the Chinese military forces will result in an unprecedented scale of global warfare. Meanwhile it will most likely be the US who provide that situation for conflict being power hungry country they are. The United States and its urge to control more than it should of global affairs is troubling and maybe China are the country which can stop America"s 21st century dominance.
Ralf at 2012-01-31134.126.192.*
@ Pat... You do realize that China sensors its internet? Try traveling around the world. Then the truth shall reveal itself.
PD User at 2012-01-24119.139.87.*
China is very big strong,US had got out,chineseis more and more have money.The world wil change,The power will change to China.

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