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Global curiosity is good but cannot guide China's path

(Global Times)

17:02, January 16, 2012

How will the coming years bode for China? Discussions around its prospects seem unprecedentedly active at the moment.

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said Saturday in New York that there was no evidence China was on the verge of collapsing or witnessing a Chinese version of the Arab Spring. Rudd believes that China is destined to be the world's dominant economic power, the first non-Western dominant power "since the rise of the Spanish Empire 500 years ago."

As Rudd expressed his optimism, there are many pessimistic views that see China as being on a tightrope and should prepare for trouble. They hold that China's top decision-makers have been determined to make the nation's path stay away from a Western road map. This particular political situation, as well the sheer size of China's economy, has given rise to worldwide curiosity and misgivings.

Whatever external criticism may occur, China is not an isolated "exception" as some analysts imagine. Nowadays, the only choice to avoid chaos is to move forward and boost reform. This is a worldwide rule despite differences in regime and ideology.

Political awakening against an unfair global system is growing among developing countries. Adjustment and innovation in social systems is a challenge facing every country in the world, and China seeks relative stability amid global uncertainties, just like the US, EU and other powers. Predictions should be based on solid facts - it should be clear that China is trying to evolve, and its performance in recent years stands out in recent years.

Along with the omnipresence of globalization and new media, it is increasingly impossible for China to insulate itself from global troubles. The nation is fully aware about the crises it faces and will approach potential future changes with a cool head.

Many scholars believe the next decade will bring even more economic and political challenges. We can also tell that China will continue to face sharp social conflicts at home.

China should try its best to avoid echoes between its domestic conflicts and world turbulence. It should keep quickly coordinating diversifying interests and tackling social problems. There is no other alternative to boost its hopes and minimize uncertainties.


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