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Disputes on values cannot hide the truth

(Global Times)

11:17, January 12, 2012

Competition and interaction between China and the US are carried out at all levels, but in China's public opinion, some place ideology first, as if value disputes reflect the full extent of bilateral relations. Some US elites hope to see such views spread in China, since a China confused about its social values helps the US strengthen its advantages over China.

The competition between the US and the former Soviet Union saw ideology and geopolitics figure prominently. The US finally won with the collapse of the USSR. But Sino-US competition is different.

Despite this competition, there is much cooperation between the two. Under cooperation and globalization, China and the US are competing in a relatively low-key manner.

Sino-US competition is much more complicated than value disputes. Value differences are not ubiquitous in Sino-US relations and their damage is very limited. Instead, the more influential factors are frictions and competition in areas such as economy, environmental protection and geopolitics.

However, as the US gradually loses its advantages in these aspects, it becomes more and more accustomed to using "superior values" to cover up its deficiencies.

In the past few years, the US has made good use of ideological disputes to trouble China for the purpose of seeking leverage in economy and politics. As US values have won some support in China, the US successfully disturbed Chinese society over issues such as Google withdrawing from the Chinese market and demanding more rights for minorities.

The biggest structural tension between China and the US is China's rise. China should bear this in mind. China is trying to make its development beneficial to the world, but the US feels differently. The rise of China will still face threats in the future. The US attacking China in terms of ideology will get double results with half the effort.

China's rise is the way to accomplish its various interests. Interest disputes within the country are inevitable, but they should not lead to a deteriorated external environment.

In order to gain a favorable position in domestic competition, some forces may collaborate with external agents. The expansion of freedom of speech is bound to cause some challenges to China's social solidarity.

The old conformity of thoughts is impossible. However, we also have seen cases where some trouble the country intentionally and unintentionally by acting in concert with foreign ideological attacks. China must learn to accept diversified expression.


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