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Will US decline soon?

By An Hui (China Youth Daily)

16:13, January 11, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

In recent years, the world has witnessed the decline in the United States’ international influence since the financial crisis happened. The Wall Street giants did not get any punishment, instead, they beneficiated in this crisis, which induced the Occupy Movement. And media said that the decline era has really come this time. Will US decline soon?

It is too early to answer this question. Unlike China, the United States is a country as young as 235 years old since its birth in 1776.

The United States emerged as the world’s sole superpower after the Cold War. Considering itself the “world leader”, it keeps vigilant to any potential challengers. Meanwhile, it keeps up expanding its arsenal and increasing defense spending, waged wars against Afghan and Iraqi after the September 11 attacks. Back in 1955, the then outgoing President Eisenhower issued in his farewell speech warning about the impact of the U.S. military-industrial complex to politics, which now appear ubiquitous.

The greedy Wall Street capital tycoons, along with the promotion from the Internet, boost various so-called financial innovation products—financial derivatives—for the lack of supervision from government, which led to the financial crisis in 2008. Wall Street financial cliques, the military-industrial complex, and the shortsighted partisan politics have enslaved the real interests of the American people.

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McKechnie at 2012-03-1565.95.206.*
This essay/article makes unsubstaniated claims.It just states without consideration that American international influence is on the wane. Hardly a scholarly piece of work.
tasos at 2012-02-1594.65.115.*
The US is the biggest economy on earth,however it has a huge debt(public and private).On the other hand CHINA has a minuscule debt,thus huge growth prospects.CHINA can afford a big expansion of it"s military repeating Reagan"s policy of the "80s leading the US to bankrupty.
oJzlcdSzaTgYJEfPL at 2012-01-2497.85.75.*
Woot, I will cretanily put this to good use!
Dexter at 2012-01-2365.38.32.*
Just like the old Soviet Union, America will suddenly collapse because of greed and bad management.
Ramakrishna at 2012-01-20219.91.200.*
These were the claims made by the erstwhile soviet Union and one day it collapsed like a pack of cards and now everyone knows the truth behind the illusion of a mighty soviet empire.

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