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High-level visits can boost Sino-US ties

By Zhang Zhixin (China Daily)

10:06, January 11, 2012

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit to Beijing sets a positive tone for the development of Sino-US relations in 2012.

Frequent high-level meetings and communication helped Sino-US relations remain relatively stable last year, although there were some disputes and friction, most notably the US' increased military presence in the Asia-Pacific, and its announcement of the sale of a new package of arms to Taiwan, which led to bilateral military-to-military exchanges being suspended until the 12th China-US Defense Consultative Talks in December.

But as the first cabinet-level official to visit China this year, Geithner's visit sends the message that despite the clamor that in the US that it should contain China and allegations that China is trying to exclude the US, the two can still cooperate with each other.

According to the Treasury Department, Geithner will discuss strategies to revitalize global economic growth and efforts to support fair competition in global trade. So his visit is likely to provide indications of greater bilateral cooperation on the global economic and financial front.

Domestically, the US is experiencing a slow recovery and its growth is heavily dependent on its exports to Asian markets, and to maintain its financial sustainability, the US needs countries, including Japan and China, to continue buying US treasury bonds.

Meanwhile, the euro crisis is far from ending and its effects on the global financial market are gradually becoming manifest. Hence both the US and China need to take precautions to prevent it from affecting their economic growth.

What makes the situation even more complicated is that both countries are undergoing economic structural transformation and there is growing domestic pressure for protectionism and economic nationalism. This is especially true of the US, where Congress is eager to use China as a scapegoat for their incompetence in managing trade and economic issues. But although some officials in the Obama administration have joined the China-bashing game, top China hands within and around the White House seem to be more clear-minded, which is why the yuan-related currency bill was shelved in the House of Representatives and the Treasury Department has not labeled China a "currency manipulator".

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Nic at 2012-01-1260.53.121.*
Wake up USA, take all your military men and equipments back to your shores before you open your mouth again. China is just courteous and not a fool to be hookwinked by you anymore.You remember the Cuban crisis? Later, both you and Russia had to withdraw weapons back to each other"s country?China still let you come without insisting that you withdraw your military is giving you face. Don"t take and inch and proceed to a foot.
chui dere at 2012-01-1299.254.58.*
Selling arms to Taiwan;Military exercises at the chinese door step;telling one and all the chinese threat and hoodwink our neighbours into a military alliance Mr.Treasury Secretary,what else can we do for you?
helen at 2012-01-11203.82.80.*
Ha! Ha! Ha1I never stop laughing whenever such headlines appeared. The United States is never interested in friendly relations with nations it explicitly or otherwise labeled as enemy.More like intelligence gathering and seduction of Chinese leaders and officials by the United States.In this modern age and with US Global Tyranny targeting China and the Chinese people, isn"t it a bit naive and gullible to be taken in like that!I am simply amazed .......

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