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Helping Iran weather a looming storm

(Global Times)

10:02, January 10, 2012

The Pentagon threatened to respond to Iran's attempts to develop nuclear weapons and block the Hormuz Strait on Sunday. The US obviously sees using force against Iran as a final resort.

China's position when faced with a possible Iran war is difficult. It has huge oil interests there and Iran is of vital importance in alleviating its strategic pressure. But China cannot ally itself with Iran in opposing the US. Therefore, China must make efforts to prevent a war against Iran.

Some hold that Russia should block the US since it has more interests in Iran than China. This is just wishful thinking.

The strategic value of Iran to China is growing bigger than it is to Russia, no matter whether from the perspective of oil demands or geopolitical importance.

We should not expect Russia to act as a shield for China. China needs to act in accordance with its interests over Iran. It should coordinate with Russia and the two should support each other in this matter.

China has made clear its opposition to further sanctions against Iran. Despite pressure from the US and European countries, China should continue trading with Iran.

Though some Chinese companies have shrunk their investment in Iran out of fear of US sanctions, it doesn't have to be the attitude of China. Instead, if Chinese companies are sanctioned by the US due to their legal trade with Iran, China should take countermeasures.

In the absence of conclusive evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, China should provide diplomatic assistance to Iran, by maintaining high-level official visits and opposing any biased treatment of the country.

The US is not ready for a war against Iran yet. Its economy could barely afford a new war and military action against Iran would be unfavorable to Barack Obama's reelection plans. All these suggest that using force against Iran is the most difficult decision the US faces in the new decade.

Opposing the US on Iran will not necessarily lead to confrontation between the US and China.

Without the authorization of the Security Council, the US military threat against Iran is illegal while it is morally just for China to safeguard its interests in Iran. China is not opposing the US but the mere possibility of a war. This is what China should do as a responsible power.

In potentially waging a war against Iran, the US faces much higher risks than China. Participating in the Iran issue is an opportunity for China to strengthen its diplomatic influence.


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Tamirirashe hove at 2012-01-16196.207.44.*
Iran has the right to develop its own nuclear capabilities so is any country. If my country see the need to, zimbabwe must do so too. We are sick and tired of the west. No african country has been compensated for slave trade or colonialism, they must just fuck off and leave other countries to develop. Usa leave iran alone. By putting sanctions now they want to weaken iran, refuse it iran they will do it like they did o iraq. Usa is just too weak now. I dont think they can win this war!
US Marine at 2012-01-12124.207.194.*
Scortched earth needs to be the policy of US in dealing with Iran. Leave nothing alive but the cockroaches and I"m referring to the insects not the people. The latter are much lower than the roaches.
PD User at 2012-01-11113.231.246.*
Another great idea to test Chinese and Russian weapons in Iran. Why get Chinese or Russians killed when Iranians can do the job. Dipshit, Iran is a desert country, they don"t have jungles to fight in like VietNam
PD User at 2012-01-11113.231.246.*
Why not arm every nation with as many atomic bombs as they can buy, build, or steal. We can fire them all off at one time. It will be the best show in town. Unfortunately, there will be no curtain call or repeat performance but that does not matter
julio at 2012-01-1168.145.95.*
China has to play its roll with the golden rule. Dialog and negotiation. The whole world does not need wars. We need peace, jobs, education,good health. We need progress and economical democracy.

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