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Pentagon plan changes game in Asia

(Global Times)

08:41, January 06, 2012

The Pentagon issued a new defense plan on Thursday. The new strategy reduces defense spending in the next 10 years, ends the policy of maintaining constant strength to fight two wars at once and prepares the US to fight one war while waging a holding operation elsewhere against a second threat.

This is a contractive strategy in general, but gives prominence to the Asia-Pacific region. According to the officials of Pentagon, the changes in strategy are mainly aimed at Iran and China.

In front of such a US strategic adjustment, China should remain sober. Since it has become a firm strategic target of the US, its efforts to improve Sino-US relations have proved incapable of offsetting US worries over its rise. China can only use its strength to gain friendship from the US from now on.

The US and China are carrying out competition unprecedented in history. Under the aegis of globalization, the two are closely linked economically, which makes it impossible for the US to fully contain China. Dealing with the US containment attempts should be one of China's diplomatic strategic goals. China should unite with all possible forces and keep certain strategic initiatives against the US.

The US strategic adjustment highlights Iran's importance to China. Iran's existence and its stance form a strong check against the US. China should not treat Iran following US cultural, social and political values.

The US takes China's anti-access capabilities as another target. China should come up with countermeasures. It should strengthen its long-range strike abilities and put more deterrence on the US. The US must realize that it cannot stop the rise of China and that being friendly to China is in its utmost interests.

Fast economic development has become the biggest advantage that China has when dealing with the US. The US can hardly provoke China in the economic field, unlike its developing military strength which gives excuses for the West to suppress China. The more the two focus on economic competition, the more the situation will tilt China's way.

The growth and decline in economic strength is the starting point for national competition as well as its destination. It reflects national tendencies. But military and politics are often powerful tools to disturb or twist the trend. China should try to avoid a new cold war with the US, but by no means should it give up its peripheral security in exchange for US' ease in Asia.


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MyatThwin at 2012-01-1198.207.151.*
Occupy Wall Street is symptom of unbridled greed of Wall Street. I speak for all American victims of unbridled greed!
PD User at 2012-01-0986.181.50.*
Speak for yourself! Occupy wall street is evident of how 99% Americans feel right now.
PD User at 2012-01-0991.86.53.*
To citizen2000 at 2012-01-06 22:35:48First of all, before you comment on an article verify if your comment covers the truth and study (look into) history for facts.Your remark: "authoritarian regime that treats their citizens very badly". Well If this is true, then you have a much bigger problem and that is that this "authoritarian regime" has done much better (roughly in 30 years),than any country in the world (US included), by lifting it"s people living standard way up, took hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and become the second biggest economy of the world, just in 30 years, when China began to open up!So apparently an “authoritarian regime” as china is, creates a better economy for its people then a “western style democracy” as the U.S. So let’s go authoritarian.“they treats their citizens very badly”, wow what a statement. Of course China is not a perfect state, but do you know a perfect state in this world. The U.S.? The US has brought a lot of wars and misery to the world, also good things. Even the Katrina flooding in New Orleans a couple of years ago under your president WW Bush was a shame and still is how you treated your own people. Still lots of them are homeless, did your government helped the poor? Check it out. Of course for poor people in the “free and greatest democracy in the world and God country” the very poor, most black people were just “forgotten”.Well from the north to the south of Europe, you can see the Chinese tourist and the European hotels and small shoppers, once more, are happy to sell to them. I only wonder why they do not fled to the U.S….About technology, a lot of Chinese student are in the U.S. and the universities are happy for the money and some student when finish contributes to the welfare in the U.S. Be aware most high-tech companies need Asians, so also Chinese!! Yes we learn the new techs, but the west also builds its knowledge using Chinese knowledge and technology although long time ago.“Our American universities and corporations should remember that they are Americans”, Well I thought that the “RED INDIANS” were the real Americans, btw how many were killed by the “white Americans”? if you are not a “red Indian”, then you are an import or a migrant American, even if you were born there, simple your grand…grand parents came from Europe?In this case the Asians, Chinese has the same right to be there too, don’t you think?To end this long comment, the website you mention, boy oh boy, it is one big anti-China, is there any good in china? It is the most rightist, and much more than your Fox channel.One advice? Be more “open minded”!KamHua
PD User at 2012-01-08122.174.75.*
china should start construction of intercontinental bridge and intercontinental railway lines to increase trains and freight movement and quality of bridges and railway bridge should be best in the world
Sam Teng at 2012-01-08175.136.180.*
China should take US"s plan to increase its presence in the Pacific region as a challenge to its sovereignty and territorial integrity. There are many issues among the the various countries in the Asia Pacific region. Any attempt by the US to get involved in these issues is a flagrant threat to China"s sovereignty and territorial integrity of the disputed islands. Of course, China and US can establishment an important relationship to ensure the peace and harmony of the region. But how is this possible given the preset idea of the US that it is trying to control China?

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