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Recommended reader’s comments (Dec. 26)

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13:11, December 27, 2011

★ Read: N. China's Taiyuan faces environmental challenges

1. Posted by 阳光 at 2011-12-26 14:44:10
Taiyuan, as a big province of north China, and meanwhile an important production energy area, has made enormous of contributions to China’s economy and industry development. However, nowadays circumstance should be noticed by us .Economizing energy sources and diminishing discharges should begin to act from all we lived. (More)

★ Read: Peninsula, finance top Wen-Noda talks
2. Posted by McCarthy at 2011-12-26 11:12:05
The best way to ensure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula is for Japan and others to invest in the economy of the DPRK. With the proximity of the DPRK to China, the DPRK should be a very prosperous country and the people should be enjoying a comfortable life style. If countries like Japan and the ROK can start thinking independent of the United States war and confrontation mentality Asia can and would be peaceful and stable. (More)


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PD User at 2011-12-27203.81.67.*
Sad when you hear western tourists visiting Myanmar bad mouthing China. This goes to show how effective the western propaganda machinery is.China"s non interference approach, even though genuine, but only sounds good to the ears. In terms of implementation, it is not working. Whereas the US and Britain could easily use their influence to their great advantage. Why is the US for example setting its sight on Myanmar? Political reasons of course. But also eventually to plunder the country. China"s motive is purely trade and business, but how can it counter the West"s powerful influence? Even the tourists are singing their song? China needs to rethink it"s long term strategy in fostering good and long lasting relationships with its neighbours

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