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US media hypes 'cyber Cold War'

By Wang Tian (People's Daily)

08:13, December 20, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

A Dec. 14 report by Bloomberg claimed that the networks of at least 760 companies, research universities, Internet service providers and government agencies in the United States have been hit by the same elite group of China-based cyber spies over the last decade.

The companies range from some of the largest corporations such as Google and Intel to niche innovators in sectors like aerospace, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, according to intelligence data obtained by Bloomberg News.

The report said that China-based hackers might have used the networks of iBahn, a U.S.-based provider of Internet services to hotels, as a launching pad into corporate networks that are connected to it, in order to steal company secrets. Bloomberg called it the “Cyber Cold War” in the sensational report.

US accusations lack evidence

The Associated Press said in a recent report that most of the China-based cyber attacks stealing critical data from U.S. companies and government agencies were committed by 12 different hacker groups, largely “backed or directed by” the Chinese government, according to U.S. cyber security experts.

The Associated Press added that the “aggressive but stealthy attacks” by China-based hackers have stolen billions of dollars in U.S. intellectual property and data, and U.S. officials at times can tell where the hackers are and even who they may be according to certain “distinct signatures” of their attacks.

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