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Will Obama Doctrine lead to new Cold War?

By Wu Jianmin (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

09:06, December 18, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

U.S. President Barack Obama, the first U.S. leader to attend the East Asia Summit, recently announced a plan to send 2,500 U.S. troops to Australia. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaimed the 21st century "America's Pacific Century." The United States has taken a series of high-profile actions to "return" to Asia, which has attracted worldwide attention.

On Nov. 25, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled "The Obama Doctrine" by Hugh White, a distinguished scholar and former deputy defense minister of Australia. White believes that Obama's Asian adventure marks the beginning of the Obama Doctrine and said that the Obama Doctrine "mirrors the geostrategic and political essence of the Truman Doctrine."

The Truman Doctrine was created to contain the Soviet Union and led to the Cold War. The Obama Doctrine is aimed at containing China, and White believes the doctrine is a "very serious mistake" as it commits the United States to a strategic confrontation that will cost it dearly.

To answer the question of whether Obama's foreign policy will lead to a new Cold War, first we must grasp the general trend in today's world. The international situation is complicated and constantly changing, with various dazzling new trends.

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elee at 2011-12-20183.39.58.*
Obama Doctrine is NOT his own vision of a "containment of China" but that of the late Truman"s fear and disgust when the latter could not overrun Old_China and North Korea then. President Obama is akin to a fantastic salesman by intellectual categories, and this so-called "Obama Doctrine" expressed by Mr Hugh White is a fake doctrine or copy-cat interpretation of Truman. Obama in adopting a hostile approach in the Asia Pacific (mainly against the The Far East region) is totally out of fashion and out-dated in any visionary calculation. Having presented by Hugh, credit is given to him for his arguments against this sort of makeshift doctrine drummed up by Obama as an election buy-vote tool. Else, there is nothing that Obama could tell or explain to US folks of his innocence in the office for a term about job losses, home losses, actual 9.5% unemployment figure, wall street malaises (mad..f, stanf..d, raj.. etc), corruptions in major organisations, economic woes, bad debts, whitehouse deficits, Fed"s dollar printing machines and a 1000 miles long string of unresolved issues. Hence, under immense pressures of ordinary American “mums and dads” he could only move and redeploy troops who were withdrawn from extremely ugly troubled spots like Iraq. Now, Australia has taken in as a promise of 2500 combat soldiers & families plus metal gears. This break of aussie tattoo to keep Aussie lands nuke free is beginning to smell and warp badly as a consequence of its decision will not stop there. In the worst case scenario, how could Aussies ever “push” the US warring gears and personnel out of its land rather than the most likelihood of them both to continue building the warring numbers upward? Australia & Aussies cannot be seen to be neutral any longer in this world of whatever nature on warfare, nuclear proliferations (* since breaking another tattoo of it by supplying a non-NPT India with nuke building materials; as well why not to Pakistan, Iran, DPRK, etc… …? *) and international prejudices, Amen!
Observer at 2011-12-19203.177.74.*
"Peace and Cooperation" are China's words for hegemony as America's is "Freedom and Democracy" as Islam is "Alla". Whatever name or great selfless reason you may name it, hegemony is hegemony whether you walk or stomp your way in. Every nation that can has and does. It is the flaw of humans that power corrupts. Humans are like the ants. Always looking for new territories to conquer. It is their nature. At least the US is open about its intentions. China may think that "saying" something and then doing otherwise is going to wash in the global community but this is the 21st Century. Long has China been know for its double talk. Not that others are doing less, just that it is known. History can and does get rewritten in Communist countries.And by the way, China did not share its economic growth with America.. the got it from us.
Anthony at 2011-12-1999.251.111.*
No matter what! China, I Will always be with you!
CK Wong at 2011-12-18118.100.168.*
Obama approach to China syndrom sprank from the notion of China Threats teory that China will rule the world and China will be the greatest in the era of 21st century. These are written most by many wester authors, But why they wrot these stories for? Just to please China? No, it outright flatery. Secongly it will make more countries fear and keep cold shouder and eyes on China, especially Japan and S Korea. China must not be taken into believing what these people talk good about China. It will lead to temptation to be "big headed" and make mistake thereon. Obama keeping 2,500 soldiers in Aussie is just normal, do'nt forget Australia had being ally of US since II world war, and Australia is the protectorated country of US, so having 2,500 soldiers should not be taken too sensitively, May be China will have to worry when the number of soldier stationed in Aussie would be increased to 25,000. To keep 2,500 fighters is easily manageable financially, but not 50,000 unless something is cooking. But if that would be so happening, then US may be seen a threat to Asia then, US won't do it and China have not worry at the moment. Do not forget, US still depend very much on cheap goods and cheap loans from China. Finally, globalisation and comuniction revilution in the 20th century had make the world globabally connected, people tends to dislike their own country attacking other country, no matter how big or small they are. Politicians sure to make shame for themselves if they still believe that the voters like heroic invasion of others. Chian can sleep well.
Dr Ross Grainger at 2011-12-18115.204.231.*
The so-called re-engagement of the US in Asia was announced in terms of a new military base in Darwin, Australia. This means that, while the US cannot compete with China economically, it still believes it can dominate China and the region militarily. Further, unlike China, the US thinks in terms of a zero sum game, that is, if China loses the US will win. However, I believe the outcome of renewed US intervention will not be what the US expects. India has always been a non-alighned country and has purchased most of its weapons from Russia or the former Soviet Union. It is likely that India will, at last, find a common cause with China. Russia, likewise, will be wary of US engagement as it too, regards itself as a Pacific power. With the DPRK and Pakistan both allies of China we may see traditional hostilities disolve in fact of an 'outside' threat. Asia is like a big family, Families always squabble and argue but, faced with a threat outside the region, they can and will unite.

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