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Narrow vision limits China's discourse power

By Tang Shiping  (Global Times)

09:58, December 16, 2011

A popular topic among the Chinese media and academics at present is how we can win a wider audience and gain more discourse power when it comes to giving our views on international affairs.

Such discussion is beneficial. We need to deal with the ever-changing circumstances and international political climate to form our own self-consistent and intellectually plausible narratives.

We need to start taking the initiative to come up with our own theories and break the existing pattern of passively following other countries' thoughts and suggestions.

Gaining an audience is not to be equated with attention seeking, which excludes the level of respect the first concept entails. We can voice our opinion, loudly and decisively whenever we wish, but disregarding the interests of the audience can only makes us sound rude, and off-key.

I see our close-minded self-centeredness as the key reason for China's inability to participate equally in international discussion. It seems that for a long time, we have only been willing to engage in talks that directly relate to our own interests.

Unless we break away from this pattern of provinciality, and start to pay due attention to other countries, we will continue to be excluded from the international arena.

Being willing to openly discuss the issues of other countries is fundamentally different from intervention. Based on the evidence we collected ourselves, our analysis and recommendation may be useful or not; the goal is to help out for the benefit of others.

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stern at 2012-01-0597.81.29.*
"The same theory also applies to the 2008 global recession. If only the Chinese scholars could have laid out their concerns about real estate bubbles in the US, how would it have changed the profile of China"s soft power? How would the Americans see China"s intellectual power now?"Ah yes, China has all the answers, but just keeps them inside. Hey, isn"t there some real estate bubbling in china now? What say you then?arrogance
PD User at 2011-12-1876.124.224.*
Wow, People"s Daily rejected my blog.Stupid! Why do you even post this article from Global Times? You are the victim of your own mistake!
PD User at 2011-12-1874.248.255.*
I do not thing the jewish people in America is only 2%, look around and you can see for yourself the numbers are much greater, this is skewed numbers like typical Washington numbers. More than 10% is more likely.
Matilda at 2011-12-1874.248.255.*
Thank you China, for coming out of your shell, and realizing that your demeanor and native wit is very commanding and powerful. Thank you, from this lone american lost in the brainwash.
PD User at 2011-12-1880.94.16.*
2011-12-17.Japans to whip 2percent up.Today world crisis finances this service 2 percent jewish.China todays to attain great development oneself without any help 2 percent.Chinese people needed a such teachers? which to rob you?.

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