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Dubai chasing Singapore's strictness with fines on violations

By Gerard AL-Fil (Xinhua)

19:49, December 15, 2011

DUBAI, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- You think Singapore is a strict city? You may be right as for now but the Gulf Arab metropolis Dubai is hard on the heels of the Southeast Asian business metropolis.

Dubai, with its total population of 2.2 million people, is part of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which celebrated its 40th anniversary on Dec. 2. None of the other six sheikhdoms has as high standards as Dubai in relation to dos and don'ts, rules and fines.

Dubai aims to become the leading spot for business and tourism in the region, and this motivated the emirate to take steps for security which no other Arab sheikhdom or state has taken.

It aims to harbor 15 million tourists per year from 2012, and this requires the state to observe not only the respect for Islamic traditions but also for providing a stable environment with low crime rates and insignificant traffic offenses.

Businessmen, such as Vijay P. from Kerala, India, also prefer safe places. The Indian man, who travels regularly from Kerala to Dubai for business, said he wants to spend his next holiday in the Gulf emirate.

In Dubai, "I never had the feeling someone was chasing my briefcase, even not when I am out late," he said.

Hotels and shopping malls demand their guests to dress conservatively. Once known as a "laisser faire" place, the Gulf Arab sheikhdom of Dubai adapted a "zero-tolerance" policy towards bad behavior and reckless driving.

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PD User at 2011-12-16221.203.139.*
"Smoking has been banned in all the public buildings, hospitals and health clubs. People who break the law have to pay high fines and can even face arrests."That"s exactly what China needs! Its smoking ban effective 1st May 2011 has all but been ignored, with impunity!! Wake up China, you can do better than that! You must not lose out to the two tiny nations, a fraction of your size!!
pg at 2011-12-16175.156.222.*
There is an important lesson from Singapore and Dubai for China, and that is: rules are to be enforced if rules are to be meaningful and beneficial to the people and nation. Rules and laws are made so that people of all walks in a society may live together in safety, peace and harmony, which will contribute to a prosperous, strong and stable nation. For this to work, the people must be convinced that there is justice and righteousness through the rule of law, that every person is equal in the eye of law.What is the use of having rules and laws that are not enforced, that could be circumvented unlawfully, or even overridden by certain people, the so-called VIPs and VVIPs in society?An immediate and vital need for China in its goal to raise the quality and standard of life for all is the fair and just enforcement of rules, according to the rule of law.
Papa at 2011-12-1692.98.20.*
On the second thoughts they are putting reckless unreasonable fines and charges to raise funds especially after recession,Dubai has a long way to go ,the law changes overnight and its biased when it comes to dealing with Locals vis a vis Asians /Whites.

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