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Canada withdrawal foretells chaotic future (2)

By Gao Lei  (Global Times)

10:07, December 14, 2011

Feeling threatened, the West has become increasingly worried about their dominant status than about sharing a world with erstwhile challengers.

Disputes seen in Durban indicated the changing attitude of the West. The global pattern settled at the end of the Cold War is collapsing and this unnerves the West. It used to criticize third-world countries for "uncivilized behaviors," but this criticism may now run in both directions

Some predict that Japan and Australia may follow Canada's course. If these predictions come true, they may spark an irreversible negative chain reaction.

The climate change campaign is not simply an attempt to cut carbon emissions. It is tied to a deeper topic of how to distribute globe responsibilities and interests peacefully. Force may rear its ugly head should we fail this attempt.

China should carefully examine the mixed signals coming from Durban. It needs to better prepare for the forthcoming challenges posed to its national interests.

The West is becoming more impatient. Its anxiety over losing its authority is getting worse and it will need more channels to release the pressure. The danger of an unexpected "showdown" is rising.

China will likely be the primary target of an impatient West. Avoiding direct confrontation may help reduce tension, however, this does not mean China should slow down its development.

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Anthony at 2011-12-1599.251.111.*
It was à shock to move from California to Canada. The gas guzzlers were the same with Canadian motorists paying so much more for fuel that Americans...they just don"t care!

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