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Prospects unclear as U.S. hobbles away from 2 wars

By Ran Wei (Xinhua)

20:22, December 13, 2011

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- The United States is shifting its focus to the Asia-Pacific region as it pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan, ending the chronic wars that have sapped the country's political strength and international influence.

The two costly, bloody wars reflect America's contradicting "must win" but "cannot stand the loss" mentality, exposing the vulnerability of the strongest military force in the world.

They also underscored the country's persistent effort to maintain its global hegemonic position, a foreign policy that has not changed for decades.

If it continues to seek global predominance at the expense of other countries' interests, the United States perhaps will face a more humiliating collapse of its power and prestige.

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Gregory at 2011-12-14216.111.67.*
There are 0 comments. Should I try to leave a comment? But there is 0 comments everywhere I read in peoples daily. Surely the people are not being allowed to share what they think here in China and from around the world.
Hammad Sethi at 2011-12-1492.40.253.*
It is still unclear who was actually behind 9/11, but after the incident the world was so scared of US reaction that when the American cowboy George Bush junior declared that "You are either with us or against us"; poor countries especially Pakistan which is heavily dependent on USA economically quietly joined USA. The US thugs have a history of abusing Pakistanis, and they do not want that to change; maybe they use their grip on Pakistan as a guage to measure how much the world is really terrified of them, and how the international community would react to US bullying and repression. USA is a sworn enemy of Islam, and it has always gone out of its way to side with Hindu India against poor Muslim Pakistan. The US defence secretary Leon Panetta was right yesterday when he said that USA could not win the war in Afghanistan without the help of Pakistanies. But even knowing this fact, the US thugs are so much used to abusing weak people that it is still carrying out strikes against Pakistani targets to help Hindu India achieve an upper-hand in the region, and US thugs want Pakistani Muslims to accept this abuse as normal. Since the arrival of USA and NATO in Afghanistan, Pakistan has suffered direct economic losses of over US $70 Billion, lost over 35000 lives, billions of dollars in infrastucture degradation due to carrying of millions of NATO containers daily for a decade, and law and order situation; on top of that USA has killied thousands of innocent people in countless drone terror attacks. USA helped Hindu India win three wars against Muslim Pakistan; helped Hindu India in Economy, trade, and Industry; even signed a nuclear pact with Hindu India, just because of its hatred for Muslim Pakistan. Hindu India has only been able to persecute Kashmiri Muslims for decades because of direct US political support. But, still USA knows that poor Pakis will be on the side of Great USA, and will themselves help USA handover the control of South Asia to Hindus, and perpetuate the suffering of Muslims in South Asia; and obviously this will help the old US mate Israel. Leon Panetta is correct when he says that USA cannot win in Afghanistan without the help of Pakis; but it is also fair to say that it is down to Pakis to choose which side they are on; and if they want the USA to win or lose in Afghanistan.
wende at 2011-12-1371.251.41.*
Don"t worry! US always has war plans on the table and their armies are never idle. There are many nations in the war pipeline.

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