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Durban shows West's two-tiered worldview (2)

(Global Times)

12:49, December 13, 2011

Ironically, when it comes to the obligation to cut carbon emissions, China suddenly is crowned as a developed country. The status of "developed country" here however only means various obligations that rich countries impose on China. Similar selfishness and hypocrisy are also showed in the West's concern of China's human rights situation.

To many Chinese, "human rights" means a better life, which includes a comfortable home, a car, and clothing. The Chinese want democracy too, but its purpose is to live a life of quality and dignity.

It is common for people in the West to change clothes each day, but that is not universal in China. Abundant clothing, water or electricity allowing that do not make this possible.

People from rich countries live a far more luxurious life than the Chinese. The energy consumed by some middle-class American households a year could actually power a whole village in rural China.

Why do the rich countries insist that China is a developed country and try to flatter China to take disproportional obligation? China has the world's second largest GDP, but it also has a population of 1.3 billion. They deserve to live a life as good as those of rich countries. They are not born to suffer.

But even facing great challenges domestically, China has conditionally agreed to set a compulsory emission target from 2020. This has won broad applause.

The Durban conference has revealed to us the selfishness of the rich countries. Their care for China's human rights issue is not genuine. Our happiness and future only lies in our hands.

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