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World over-thinking China's military intentions (3)

(Global Times)

13:49, December 09, 2011

The US has often accused China's military of lacking transparency. But, for China, that which most needs military transparency is the US. The country's return to Asia first of all means the return of its military presence. About 60 percent of its nuclear submarines, six of its 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and troops withdrawn from Afghanistan will be deployed to the Asia-Pacific. The US has been claiming it is not targeting China. But is its real intent transparent?

China's accelerating navy transformation and greater readiness for military conflicts is not only helpful for China's national security, but also world peace. The world needs an evenly developed China, whose capability to preserve world peace is comparable to its status as the second economic power in the world. China needs the power to handle any military challenges either against the country or the region as a whole.

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PD User at 2011-12-12120.166.25.*
Do not give the west, the chance to destroy your country through those traitors who worship the western style democrazy
LEE at 2011-12-1270.51.155.*
By history China had never invaded any foriegn countries,wherelse the hypocrite european countries like germany,france,british,spain and japan had all long evil history of invaded foreign countries. History could repeat itself,especially the shameless barbaric japanese until today do not want to admit their evil crime or apologise to china for their atrocities,if given the chance again the evil japan would do it again to china,so China has every rights to become strong to protect their Nation and it"s people. About time China needs respect and full compensation for every Human the evil japanese killed during the world war.
Nic at 2011-12-12118.101.110.*
China is a fully grown up nation and does not need the approval of anybody to try to build up her forces.When USA build 10 carriers, hundreds of planes, thousands of missiles...... did they ask anybody for permission?You want to buy or not it is up to you. You do not need China"s permission to have an alterntive view.So, China so go ahead and BE PREPARED. Build what you want to protect your own people and sovereignty. You have a proven record without ursurping into the terrioty of others. If they choose not to believe, just ignore them- the black sheep.
PD User at 2011-12-1074.101.24.*
jew"s propaganda-machine [press/media control the west and whitemen-EU.jew"s group is the silent enemy of today china.becareful the jew"s community in china, never trust the jews, they bring more harm than good.
Canada at 2011-12-1070.36.49.*
Actions speak louder than words. The U.S. is waging war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, recently Yugoslavia, is trying to start one in Iran & Syria, & in the past Vietnam, other countries. China hasn't launched a war against any country.

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