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Old bear does not dance to Western tunes

(Global Times)

10:33, December 08, 2011

Will a "Russian Spring" occur? Russian police have arrested hundreds of protestors recently. But the pro-liberal protestors claimed that they will not succumb to such moves and continue to hold protests every day. This scenario is similar to the initial phrase of the Arab Spring, where the revolutionary movement was triggered by small- scale protests. It is hard to predict the outcome of the current protest on Russia's election scandal, but everything is possible.

Vladimir Putin's rule will face increasing scrutiny and it will become much harder for him to withstand the challenges. However, this is not a victory for the West. Putin losing authority will not automatically gain the West influence in Russia.

The future of Russia will be shaped according to its own interests. This is the principle set by its democratic environment. Putin's own authority came because he put the country back to track. He saved Russia from the confusion and chaos when the USSR disintegrated two decades ago.

The relation between election and a candidate's authority is complicated. However the latest State Duma elections did not suggest that Russia's understanding of its national interests has become obscure, as during the Yeltsin era.

Ballots lost by the United Russia are now in the pocket of the communists and the liberal-democrats, which does not reflect the expanding of the West's ideology.

Russian interests are dominated by a combination of geopolitics, culture and ambition. The differences and even the hostility between the West and Russia will persist if these interests contradict each other, no matter who sits in the Kremlin.

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Aldo at 2011-12-19189.106.137.*
No chance whatsoever that Russia is likely to undergo some sort of Western-promoted Color revolution. Putin is respected and beloved by the vast majority of russians, the democratic process is expanding itself and such the-whole-hog opposition newspapers as Novaia Gazeta is free to advocate unduly catastrophic scenario without being prohibited.Reforms in various sector of the society are needed and are likely to occur. Russia doesn`t need any more of the so-called Western paradigms, both economically and politicaly, as China it has learned about the real intentions behind the overall prevailing rethoric about democracy and free market. Russia, as China, has a core civilization, a deep sense of its historic background as well as its people root-values. All these orchestrations and bullshit about being the country on the verge of collapsing only reflects Western misperception of other countrie`s realities. Sun Zi`s golden rule is Zhi Zi [er]zhi bi, but Western hibris keeps disregarding this lesson.
Richard at 2011-12-0860.53.51.*
There was a series of deaths of Soviet leaders before Gorbachev, that precious "leader" who"s heartily despised by most patriotic Russians, took over. Some 30-40 years ago, the CIA discovered a way to cause heart attacks without leaving any signs of external causes. This could also be the reason for the death of the Indian leader Shastri.
PD User at 2011-12-08220.255.2.*
God bless United Russia !Long Live United Russia !God bless Prime Minister Vladimir Putin !Long Live Prime Minister Vladimir Putin !

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