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Playing the anti-China card

By  Li Wei  (China Daily)

10:48, December 07, 2011

President Obama has pinned his re-election hopes on a change of policy that threatens trade ties between the two countries

Recent China-targeted initiatives by US President Barack Obama have soured Sino-US relations.

At the just-concluded East Asian Summit, Obama reiterated an increased US presence in Asia and announced a stance on the South China Sea disputes that is at odds with the diplomacy of Beijing on the issue. In his preceding visit to Australia, he also unveiled a plan to station 2,500 US troops in the country within the next five years. These, along with the provocative remarks recently made by the Obama administration on China's renminbi exchange rate and a raft of actions that have harmed China's core interests, including an arms sales package to Taiwan, Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama and Washington's increased anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations against China, have seriously affected the stable development of Sino-US economic and trade relations.

Obama was once viewed by Beijing as a pragmatic US leader, as indicated by his efforts to set up the Strategic and Economic Dialogue mechanism with China and work with Beijing to tackle the global financial crisis and resolve other major global issues. However, the latest developments are an indication that there has been a change in the Obama administration's policy toward China in the face of the US' stubbornly high unemployment rate and weak economic growth.

An escalation in tensions between the US and China is by no means wise at a time when China is the biggest holder of US national debt and its fastest-growing export market. A strengthened economic and trade relationship with China will undoubtedly help the US create more jobs and expedite the pace of its much-needed economic recovery.

Although it has managed to pull out of a lingering recession, the US economy has failed to achieve a sustained recovery. The US' current unemployment rate remains at 9 percent and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development expects it to stay at around 8.9 percent next year. Plagued by such a high jobless rate, the US' economic growth rate in the third quarter, the most robust among this year's first three quarters, was only 2 percent. According to a September prediction made by the International Monetary Fund, the world's largest economy will have a growth rate of only 1.8 percent next year and will be unable to effectively withstand the effects of any major risks from the outside world. As US pollster Bill McInturff has observed, the average US consumer confidence index is usually 95 when a president wins re-election and 76 when losing the re-election contest. In November, the index was only 55, indicating Obama's prospects for re-election look particularly gloomy.

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PD User at 2011-12-08178.217.184.*
Outsourced U.S. sockpuppet from India - go dunk your head in toilet bowl. U have no dignity. Selling it for a few dollar from CIA to smear other countries. Indian cow-shit!
Charlie Chan at 2011-12-08137.56.163.*
It is pointless reiterating the fact that the U.S. owes more than a trillion dollars. Judging by their actions, they don"t care two hoots about this "paper-tiger" threat. Washington continues to contain and encircle China with their missiles, nuclear bombs, warships and warplanes within a few-minutes delivery to kill millions of Chinese. The most recent plan being to build a very large naval-airbase on Korea"s Jeju island which pose a very large, real and present danger to China. Is Beijing leaning heavily on LMB against this unfriendly and hostile move? Beijing seems like a frog in a pot of boiling water. It does not seem to know how to respond. Consider at least building a base in North Korea to counter South Korea-U.S."s hostile move.Beijing ought to be more creative in its thinking how to handle Washington"s threat. Washington, via its rating agencies such as S&P, Moody, and Fitch, have moved to reduce Beijing"s options where to place its forex reserves by downgrading the EU"s creditworthiness and its value of the Euro therefore. This in turn causes forex losses to Beijing to punish it for moving its trade surpluses to Euro Zone. Beijing will need better brains to decide where to place its investments.Expect these rating agencies under Washington"s influence and control to be selective as to which country and multinational to focus their attention on. These agencies are Washington"s latest weapon against the world in its quest for global domination now that its currency - the U.S. dollar - is losing importance in international trade.What is Beijing doing about all these?
srinivas at 2011-12-07115.109.194.*
Same Old Chinese mentality. When ever China is cornered on an issue it will issue a warning of war, China should realize and think before issuing these kind of statements. Now China is threatening U.S with war mongering words. Even in Asia China is in no position to go to war or even a small scale conflict. This Hegmonic mindset will help the U.S to knit a tighter alliance with Asia pacific countries alienating China economically. China should remember that economic rise is a temporary thing where as false prestige and pride will damage its reputation for long time to come.

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