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US path to Asian dominance: 'New Silk Road'

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

21:06, December 05, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, the United States presented the New Silk Road proposal, saying it hopes to build up Afghanistan into a transportation and trade hub so that the surrounding countries could share in the reconstruction of the country.

China has been supporting, promoting and participating in the reconstruction of Afghanistan for a long time. Between 2002 and 2009, China offered Afghanistan more than 900 million yuan of non-reimbursable assistances, wrote off 19.5 million U.S. dollar of mature debts and provided seven complete sets of projects to Afghanistan.

Since the London Summit, China has offered Afghanistan 160 million yuan of new non-reimbursable assistance to help it develop such areas as the infrastructure construction, medical care, sanitation and education.

China and Afghanistan have also signed exchange notes on China giving the zero-tariff treatment to some products exported to China from Afghanistan, which cover more than 4,000 items. China will continue helping Afghanistan train technicians, constructing assistance projects in Afghanistan and providing support in areas badly needed by Afghanistan.

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PD User at 2011-12-2388.175.56.*
China is a great country and civilsation I love.Dam the Americans and Europeans!!It absolutely needs to foster better cooperation with its neigbours notably India but others like Japan and Vietnam too to build a true Asian century!!
SteveLaudig at 2011-12-0696.44.173.*
“Recently, the United States presented the New Silk Road proposal, saying it hopes to build up Afghanistan into a transportation and trade hub so that the surrounding countries could share in the reconstruction of the country.” The Soviets built the Salang tunnel for mixed motives. The one motive that wasn’t present was to provide a retreat route for Soviet forces. But that’s what it did. The United States has shown itself no different from other countries that ‘would be king’ in its grasping. Afghanistan became the Soviet Union’s Vietnam. Iraq and Afghanistan have been the United States’s Afghanistan. Unable to successfully govern at home the United States takes its show on the road ala the French under Napoleon; the Germans under Wilhelm and Adolph [oops! I have now ‘Hitlerized’ the argument]; the Russians under the Czars and the Soviets. All the conquerors (so far) suffered catastrophic collapse. The United States current most pressing problem is how to avoid the same fate. But those who rule the United States would rather talk about Muslim extremism; abortion; and how the planet isn’t getting warmer. I wonder what those who ruled in Moscow were talking about in the late 1980s?
Jean-Francois Morf at 2011-12-0681.13.178.*
The Talibans are coming back: Half of Afghanistan brains will again be disconnected! Females will be trapped at home, infantilized. A country with half brains trying to live as 14 centuries ago is dead. Nato should have trained an army of female Afghans, not of males machos! No one bearded Taliban would have survived!
PD User at 2011-12-0680.94.16.*
2011-12-5.At present that"s out of the question participation Afghanistan in New Silk Road.Obstade to be ocupation over US and NATO.American attack Afghanistan and plan"s attack on Iran to make thought NSR,words G.Bush.China should to have away american-european judas.Colonialism to be not to accept in Asia.China to have many wariant"s,not any West.They to attack countrys to murderer societys for own"s egoist"s business.Mhmmm? to be afraid they? As well a form hegemony.They to be able to murderer people.China with smile"friendly to build Silk"s.
wende at 2011-12-0571.251.41.*
US does not only want to dominate Asia, it thinks it owns the whole world. China needs to break through the encirclement by not being boxed in by set rules and principles which have proven not workable in some cases. China should study the tactics and strategies of US and use them wherever they are needed. Learn and use anything that work.

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