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Latin America integration

By Sun Hongbo (China Daily)

13:23, December 05, 2011

Creation of CELAC reflects region's growing influence in the trend toward multi-polarization of world governance

The official creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) at the third Latin American and Caribbean Summit on Dec 2 is a landmark event for the region.

With a number of emerging economies and a growing influence in the global governance process, it is no longer a traditionally marginalized peripheral region and CELAC reflects the region's efforts to push for deeper Latin American integration and its growing influence as an important force in the trend toward multi-polarization of the international political and economic landscape.

Thanks to the region's rich resources, huge development potential and rising international status, major powers have been re-evaluating the strategic position of Latin America since the outbreak of the global financial crisis. Their main goal is to seize strategically scarce resources and markets, and to try and secure the support of Latin American countries on global challenges, such as climate change and reform of the international financial system.

The founding of CELAC is a major breakthrough in regional integration and will help members resolve misunderstandings, differences and tensions and will strengthen their ability to prevent external interference in the region.

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Canada at 2011-12-0570.36.49.*
Latin America & Caribbean States are finally breaking free from the brutal dictators installed/supported/financed by the U.S. who brutally murdered, tortured, suppressed & impoverished the working class.

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