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What is to be done with Syria?

By Tian Wenlin (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:12, December 01, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Syria has gone through drastic changes recently. The Arab League foreign ministers meeting approved sanctions against Syria on Nov. 27, the US Navy has dispatched an aircraft carrier for Syrian coastal waters, and the United States, Turkey and other countries have started evacuating nationals from Syria. What does the West intend to do with Syria? Will the "Libyan model" be transplanted to Syria? These concerns have become the focus of world attention.

In short, Western intervention in the Syrian situation is a strategic consideration that has to do with reshaping the regional order, while the intensity of intervention mainly depends on the development and evolution of the state of affairs.

The Western countries, represented by the United States, have increasingly intensified regional intervention to avoid becoming the biggest loser in the "Wave of the Middle East," and taken "different treatments and multiple standards" among the Middle Eastern countries according to their needs.

Now the situations inside and outside Syria have undergone great changes, and the West believes that it is a good time to intervene Syria. First, the Syrian political world has been seriously polarized. After eight months of protests, the opposition has basically established its political and military entities and confronted the al-Assad regime.

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Mishra at 2011-12-042.50.226.*
Leave Syria alone to handle its internal matters,the so called bbc,CNN&Al jazeera have already created a misinformation war similar to what happened in Libya.There are armed gangs on the streets backed by west.Watch Syria /Iran news for independent opinion.
stevelaudig at 2011-12-0496.44.173.*
It might be a minor point, I"ll concede that but asking "What is to be done with Syria?" phrases matters such that the reader might think there is something that can be done and fails to identify the "doer". I am thinking that "What are the Syrians going to do and how should others respond?" clarifies the intent of the question. Otherwise you tip unconsciously about intervention. A far more insightful question on peace in that area of the world might be "What is to be done about the Zionist Israeli government apartheid-like oppression of Palestinians?" If Zionists quit oppressing Palestinians much of the tension in the area is relieved and the area will have just "normal" problems, not the problems caused by ethnic/religious/racist bigotry.
wende at 2011-12-0371.251.41.*
China may play a role as a mediator to squash the evil intention of the west. China must act before its interests vanish around the world. Everytime there is trouble, instigated or not, Chinese investments evaporate.
Ming chu at 2011-12-0275.247.173.*
The comment of Canada I completely agree with .
Ming chu (USA) at 2011-12-0275.247.173.*
Comment by Canada is my comment too , perfectly stated .

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