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China-Myanmar ties challenged by US moves

By Li Xiguang (Global Times)

10:52, November 30, 2011

Illustration: Liu Rui

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Myanmar, starting today, will further unnerve China, which has recently been increasingly worried that the aim of the new US Asian policy is to isolate and encircle China.

Historically and geographically, Myanmar has been a close neighbor to China. For centuries, the two countries have enjoyed a family tie known as "pauk-phaw (brotherhood)" in Myanmese because of intermarriage between border inhabitants.China's former premier Zhou Enlai visited Myanmar nine times while his counterpart, Myanmar leader Ne Win visited China 12 times. During Zhou's first visit to Myanmar in 1954, the two countries stressed the five principles of peaceful coexistence in international relations. The five principles are still the foundation of China's handling of international relations today.

For centuries, the two peoples have traveled freely across the border on dirt roads and forested mountains. Chinese late foreign minister Marshal Chen Yi composed a poem which reads, "I (China) am upstream and you (Myanmar) are downstream. We share water from the same river with friendship."

Today, Myanmar is the pivot of China's grand strategy to achieve its economic growth goal.

The development of Western China depends on a secured shorter trade and fuel routes to the ocean. Close to the key shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, Myanmar is important for China to develop its southwestern inland provinces, which have a population of about 200 million people.

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Tin Myint at 2011-12-07108.215.144.*
Like the saying, "when the going gets tough, the toughs get going". Ditto Republican presidential hopefuls and copy cat Democrats..
PD User at 2011-12-05173.183.78.*
by Ho Sai YuenHistory has shown that today"s friends are tomorrow"s enemies and vice versal! Hence, there are no permanent friends nor permanent foes. International politics is like a game of chess, the Chinese for "Way." Today you might win but tomorrow I might win back. Likewise, neighbours like China-Myanmar and China-Pakistan can withstand the test of time and overcome the tests of being lured by foreign powers. As long these partners are true and strong, they all can withstand even the fiercest wind or storm that come their way. No worries...!!!China is a powerful and yet friendly and peaceful nation... and for five thousand years it has stand and overcome foreign invasions and foreign intrusions. Yet despite all these alien powers...China remains strong and emerge yet more powerful. China is neither worried or scared of mini and jealous powers ganging up on it, because no power on Planet Earth can ever effect our beloved country as the people and the government and the armies (PLA) remain firm and stand in solidarity to uphold the Spirit of China which is indomitable and unconquerable!!! China will continue to prosper and rise inspite of alien troubles...but in the end China will rise up even stronger and pulsating with more power. Hence, what nefarious power on Earth can stand or undermine in the way of China as it would become a more develop, more advance and more powerful country on Earth. Long live our China and its intelligent, strong and innovative people. Cheers!
Deren Chan at 2011-12-0450.99.21.*
We should welcome US with an open mind in treating their latest high level visit to Myanmar. We need to train up the Myanmar leadership in their dealings with the west so that they won"t be naieve and gullible enough to take the face value of what the US says and does. A mature leadership in Myanmar is in the best interests of PRC so when they deal with us, they not only consider the blood relationship but also the costs and benefits in maintaining good and stable relationship with its big brother and neighbor next door. Couple of visits here and there by the US is not going to warm up the ice cold atmosphere between those two countries builded up in the 30 years. As Dr. Sun Yat Sen said, we need to employ our full foreign diplomatic wisdoms and tactics accumulated from way back in early Qin Daynasty and use them to neutralize any hardcore attacks flanked from all sides, left, right and centre by the US and its cronies. Not only that we need to play Tai Chi with the US, but also the Myanmar leadership and even Aung Saan Suki in order gain a permanent foothold in that part of the woods as our outlet to the Indian Ocean. Right now all these parties are hot-headed and we have no control over their self interests, but we can control ours with a rational mind. We should even start to meet with Aung Saan Suuki to give her a taste of how freedom and democracy can be achieved in a non-western way. She needs to understand the Greco-Roman approach to freedom and democracy from 2500 years ago is over given what has been happening lately in the Euro debt crisis. A trip for her to Shenzhen would be worthwhile.
A at 2011-12-0374.106.34.*
I love the Chinese people.! Everyone I ever met was Charming, Intelligent with wonderful grace and beauty. I live in California, U.S.A. I wish we could be friendlier, to each other.! But I do know it"s difficult because of the attack on Pearl Harbor we haven"t felt safe.
PD User at 2011-12-01175.141.49.*
Take a look at this.. How much more can USA contribute? At best, they just want to be a nuisance hopping around the world make-believe that they are still invincible.

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