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China and India mustn't go for the throat

(Global Times)

13:50, November 29, 2011

The scheduled talks between China and India over border issues at the end of November were temporarily postponed. While speculations about this decision are varied, one thing is certain: India, whose GDP is a third of China's, has been maintaining a bold stance when dealing with China. Indian public opinion will not permit concessions to China, but China will not yield to India's demand on border issues either.

This is where the dilemma is. Both sides must keep the border issue from worsening by focusing on keeping goodwill talks alive and being mindful of the consequences of a sudden breakdown.

Currently, India is a bit pushy in its relations with China. The country appears to be highly interested in facing off with China. But that contest is not the primary focus of the Chinese society.

Both China and India have been feeling anxious about being "circled." But their roles are different in each other's eyes. For India, China is the plotter and executor of this "scheme," whereas for China, India is a participant to this theory. The insecurity from both countries is not on the same level.

Nationalistic sentiment is strong in India. It claims that India is on the "first tier" of the world even though the country is still developing. India has been eagerly seeking this acknowledgement worldwide. Although the US has given the country a first tier diplomatic formality, the "elephant" is not satisfied. What it really wants is the first-tier growth rate and statistics that match China's.

However, China rarely thinks of India when it plans its economy. While it is predictable that India will get excited when their GDP growth outpaces China one day, it is hard to say whether China will feel any sadness at this result.

This does not imply that China does not take India seriously. If India can maintain its current economic growth rate, it will only become increasingly important to China.

India will not allow itself to stay quietly between the US and China. It wants to play triangle affairs with the duo, and will do anything it can to maximize its benefit out of it.

Therefore, China will find it hard to buy India over. It needs to treat the South Asia country seriously.

The US has been persuading India to join its alliance against China, and issues between China and India, such as border disputes and the Dalai Lama, are difficult to solve. Therefore, China's relation with India will face a tough road ahead. But India's ambition of becoming a strong power, as well as its economy-driven policy, will help stave off these uncertainties. This ensures that China's relations with India will not be the worst among neighboring countries.

Both countries should stay calm and not take small issues to a level of strategic hostility. India's power and its development will not make it a strategic enemy to China.

News media in New Delhi have been making stories from unreliable sources to advocate the so-called "China threat theory." Both countries should avoid overreacting to their disputes, but that does not mean these issues should be hidden away.

What we need to do is not aggravate it.


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PD User at 2011-12-0624.191.109.*
Es Verdad los que dice este inrante del sglo,India tiene la cosa masgrandes del mundo,son los elefantes,los tigueres del montes,los suicidios de los campesinos del algodon,por causa de mon santo.india nos proticion y nunca matan a las ninas cuando nacen,en india no desalojan a pobres,para quitarle la tierra, para abril una mina,en india no vebden la ninas menores 12 anos,y jamas la llevan a la protituciones infantile,que enfermos estan matandos a las ninas cuando nacen,paece que nacieron de perra y no de mujeres hembra,inorante ,la hembras son la que dan vida al mundo,y si gran naturaleza que das los alimentos a todas umanida no fuera hembra y no paieras todos los dias las grandes cantidades de alemntos para el mundo enteros,si la madre tierra no fuera hembra que comeriamos los humanos,estupidos deje de matar las ninas.
Ramkumar Iyer at 2011-12-04117.196.97.*
China has been feared by indians since the early 60"s.Now it has grown bigger economically and militarily and hence is major threat to india"s sovereignty. India cannot match china economically and militarily but it can stand upto it to some extent. India is wary of china"s rise and hence has embarked upon a ambitious military modernisation programme to counter it. It has become bold enough to stand upto the chinese as far as arunachal pradesh is concerned. India will surpass china in the forseable future that is what indians expect.
Vinesh Nelliat, Mumbai-I at 2011-12-01116.203.25.*
We Indians are skeptical to think of China as a friend because of the 1962 Indo-Chinese war! But, for a good future, our developing nation should overlook the war of 1962, and move forward step by step in reciprocating the hand of friendship being time and again offered by China. One should remember China despite being close to Pakistan did not interfere either in the 1971 Indo-Pak war or in the Kargil war. We should always think of the times when in the past our nation was always underestimated and hardly given any importance by USA, Europe, Japan, Australia; who had also supported our No.1 enemy Pakistan, militarily as well as financially. The same countries are now in deep recession, and hence want to enter our huge market, inorder to generate employment in their country. India should avoid such chameleons and move closer to China and Russia. India should marginalise the Tibetan monk Dalai Lama & its followers and not allow anti-china activities in the Indian soil. Also our government should strictly instruct our so-called free media who are factually ‘American cronies’, to desist in advocating the so-called "China threat theory’. India should approach a balanced stature in foreign relations and not enter into any anti-china policies. Its time for both our countries to strengthen our bilateral relationship, with each of them taking certain bold steps, in the forthcoming Indo-China border talks.
An Indian at 2011-12-011.23.169.*
Mr. Saurav,you are n"t an Indian either you are a chinese agent or a chinese who has changed his name. Your comments suggest that you are a moron,an illiterate as it seems you have manufactured a few figures in a chinese factory.Let me give you some figures-India"s GDP fy11-At market exchange rate or nominal-$1.7tr,9th largest in the world and on PPP in the year 2011 likely $4.47tr,3rd largest in the world(Source:IMF April 2011 Report),India does have 3rd largest road network & 4th largest rail network in the world,4th largest steel producer in the world,5th largest producer of electricity,11th largest importer and 17th largest exporter,one of the top 5 space faring nations with the capability to build own satellites and satellite launch vehicles,10 satellites were launched at an interval of Almost 100 crores telephone subscribers,3rd largest internet users in the world,6th largest automobile manufacture,2nd largest two wheelers manufacture with the largest producer Hero Group in India,3rd largest Army,4th largest Air Force,5th largest Navy with bule water capibilty apart from being a responsible nuclear power & on the verge of attaining nuclear triad and ICBM(Agni-5) More than 30 crores strong middle class(More than the population of The USA),so many world class companies in IT,Pharma,steel,aluminium,automobile,chemical,biotech,in wind power-Suzlon,R & D organisations-India successfully did mapping of human genome-again a very few countries have achieved this feat.Engineering,medical colleges and financial,management etc., institutions,world class health care system with hospitals like AIIMS,Apollo,Fortis,Wockhardt etc.,where patients from US,UK undergo complex cardiac surgeries,undergo treatment for bone related ailments etc.,what about China?REALITY BITES!!India with a population of 1.2 billion and aspirations is fast emerging as a superpower!!!
PD User at 2011-12-0158.192.121.*
@ f...SauravYou fool don"t know that in islam it is prohibitted to use another religions name? What you foolish pakiese think that you will use indian name and will make the world fool? It cnt work mr. terrorist. You cnt make people fool for long time as finally you are paying for your own mistake which is feeding terrorist and keeping OSAMA as ur father of forgot the great view of Jinna. You are talkiing so many things about India..Ok Indians are poor, but what about you? Without getting beg from China and US you cnt survive mr. so called sourav. Foolish terrorist ...first go and clean your own toilet then talk about another country and by the wanna occupy India?come and take...but before that you should not forget 1962, 1971..if you once again make this kind of mistake then god know how many new bangladesh will be there from this pakistan.

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