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Corporate efforts better than govt ad in selling China

By Kineta Hung (Global Times)

13:47, November 28, 2011

If you see "Made in China" on something you are thinking of buying, will you buy it or think twice? Tainted toothpaste, poisonous pet food, tainted milk powder. A series of scandals involving Chinese-made products in recent years make people worry that a bad reputation threatens to derail China's status as the "world factory."

But the reality isn't that bad. My recent analysis of an ad which was designed to promote Chinese-made goods shows that it was somewhat effective.

This 30-second television commercial, produced by the China's Ministry of Commerce, debuted on CNN two years ago amid people's negative perceptions of and concern about Chinese products. The whole process of filming and airing cost tens of million of yuan.

To me, this ad is quite different from others I have researched, which simply focus on promoting a particular brand. Rather, it is aimed at promoting China's national image in foreign countries. As an marketing researcher, I would like to know how foreign audiences react to this ad and the effectiveness of it.

To judge whether an ad is effective, the first thing is to see whether people are willing to see this ad and know what message the ad is trying to convey. Then we ask, do people accept the message?

My study is a three-country survey of the US, UK, and Australia that involves 1,200 respondents, 400 in each country. The selected countries are among the top 10 destinations for Chinese exports.

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PD User at 2011-11-3060.50.6.*
If you think there are chinese traitors spreading false rumours then, I suggest you eat more chinese products and for me no way until I am certainly sure.
PD User at 2011-11-29110.175.8.*
My family buys many China produce foods. We believe there are Chinese traitors spreading false rumours through the internet, about ridiculous stories how some China manufactured foodstuffs are made with toxic ingredients. There may be a few small factories not up to standard, but for importers to buy their products for resale is beyond common business sense. Usually, importers would check the reputation of the company and the ingredients on the lable to ascertain the products are allowed, especially in a country like Australia. This is where we live and we are ex-Malaysian Chinese.
Ang at 2011-11-2960.50.5.*
I am overseas chinese residing in Malaysia and I always support china made goods.However, after hearing and see goods made in china are so toxic and most of the people stop buying goods made in china. Do you know that now china"s goods lost to Africa because their goods are better quality and toxic free. In supermarkets there are 100% Africa"s goods comapre to 10% china"s goods are sold here. Please take strick control of china"s good and gain confidence from people outside china> I still support china"s made goods

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