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Think competitively

(China Daily)

15:40, November 25, 2011

US policymakers should stop blaming others for their problems.

Instead, in the face of a national debt of $15 trillion and a stubbornly high unemployment rate, if they really want to reinvigorate the world's largest economy, they should give the rebirth of China's State-owned enterprises (SOEs) a second thought, as their revitalization is closely related to the ongoing rise of the Chinese economy.

The term "competitive neutrality" has been gaining disproportionate currency among US officials who, explicitly or implicitly, attempt to portray big Chinese companies, most of which are State-owned, as a threat to the competitiveness of American companies and workers.

With this newly coined term, the US government has launched a series of efforts to call for targeted measures against SOEs in international trade and investment negotiations.

"It is not up to the US to question the wisdom of other nations in establishing state enterprises. But it is very much a US concern if the playing field is not level between them and their American competitors," US Under Secretary of State Robert Hormats said earlier this year.

Though there is no evidence to show that all SOEs have the opportunities or incentives to engage in anti-competition, the US' concern about SOEs reveals not only its declining confidence in its own companies, but also a strong bias against state involvement in the national economy.

However, given that in Fortune magazine's 2011 list of the 500 largest companies, the United States still leads with 133 while China ranked third with 61, fear over lost US leadership in the business world seems largely exaggerated.

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Bupi at 2011-11-27113.255.210.*
In the old days, Chinese goods was a good commodity in EU & when they couldnt sell anything back to China, they tried opiates from India by Sasoon family, today US imports Chinese goods but unwilling to sell what China wants, thus same application is approached but in other form - containment
PD User at 2011-11-2776.124.224.*
US is insecure and scared that, according to some economists prediction, China will surpass US economy by 2016.This really get into their nerves and will do EVERYTHING TO SABOTAGE CHINA'S ECONOMY.CHINA BE PREPARED FOR TRADE WAR. DON'T BE NAIVE!!!!
Todd at 2011-11-26108.32.204.*
There's nothing wrong with a government helping its own people/nation. Wow, what a concept. A government actually serving the people. The U.S. was built on individualism that has turned to a "me" mentality. It's all about "me, myself, and I". Corporate America has outsourced jobs to China to increase profits. This has caused the U.S. unemployment rate to increase. Corporate America needs to import those jobs back. That's the problem.
Harald at 2011-11-26119.111.62.*
Great point you make here!

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