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Public anger hits the roof

(China Daily)

15:37, November 25, 2011

Almost one year on and here we are again.

Part of the roof of the Beijing Capital International Airport's Terminal 3 was ripped off by the strong winds that swept through the city on Nov 22. This is the second time the terminal's roof has been damaged by strong winds. The previous occasion was in December 2010.

The airport's information center said emergency repairs had already been carried out and safety was not affected.

But it is worrying that for two consecutive years the roof of Terminal 3, one of Beijing's landmark buildings, has been damaged by strong winds.

The incidents can't help but cast doubt on the construction quality and safety of one of the world's largest buildings.

A director with the airport's expansion construction department once claimed that the terminal's roof is designed and built to withstand once-a-century winds.

The wind, however, has been honest enough to show how hollow that boast was.

Although the incidents have not affected the safe running of the airport, we are concerned that it is a potential safety hazard - one that should not be ignored.

After the incident last year, the airport blamed "a weak point" on the roof, which you would think they would have seen fit to remedy. Nature has already warned us twice, we may not get a third.

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Peter the Pedant at 2011-11-28222.84.107.*
Lightning and Lightening are two different words. Please use the correct one.
Peter the Pedant at 2011-11-28222.84.107.*
Lightning and Lightening are two different words. Please use the correct one.
Nic at 2011-11-2660.53.120.*
It"s a common weakness on steel corrugated roof.The designer should have known this during design stage.

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