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China, US must share burden of economic recovery

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

17:12, November 23, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China and the United States had in-depth communications on their concerns and signed a couple of economic cooperation agreements during the 22nd meeting of the China-U.S. Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade held in Chengdu a few days ago.

It was the first regular meeting of the communication mechanism for China-U.S. economic and trade cooperation, but international media paid extraordinarily close attention to the subjects of the meeting and the attitudes of China and the United States. That is because the current global economic situation is not promising, and the volume of trade between China and United States is very large.

Scale determines significance and influence. During the informal summit of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation held a short time ago, Chinese President Hu Jintao said that, at the current level and growth rate, the trade volume between China and the United States is likely to exceed 500 billion U.S. dollars in three or four years.

The essence of China-U.S. economic and trade cooperation is mutual benefit. Economic and trade cooperation is closely connected with the daily life of their people and the recovery and prospects of the global economy.

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James Newell, Ph.D. at 2011-11-2467.150.143.*
Can"t be done unless a joint China-America supercomputer model is created for guidance. If this fails, my fear is that Fundamentalist Christians will gain power in America, and they would be willing to use nuclear weapons.

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