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Improving education quality in rural areas

By Sally Thomas (China Daily)

14:18, November 22, 2011

The world population has crossed 7 billion. So competition for the best educational provisions and resources will increase, especially for girls and students in poor rural areas.

Consequently, there is a risk of education improving in cities and the education gap between rural and urban areas widening further. If China seeks to deliver good quality and relevant education to all, it has to make major reforms to ensure that access to and quality of education are improved for the poor. To address this challenge, China has increased education funding considerably in recent years and introduced long-term reforms to enhance quality of and fairness and equity in education.

The issue of fairness in education is vital and relates to unequal opportunities, highlighted by significant differences in admission rates for top universities between rural and urban students. It relates also to the need for fair assessment of students and schools both.

Chinese leaders in recent and past times have overcome the disadvantages of poor rural origins to achieve extraordinary success. But behind almost every story is the essential influence of not only individual personal qualities, but also the good fortune of finding an excellent teacher or school to support a student's progress.

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Lee Rong-ji at 2011-11-22116.197.0.*
Too true. As Beijing likes to talk about the rise or development of China, so too when ne talks about education, it is about the development of the character and knowledge, and later perhaps, skills of the individual child, student. It is not just a matter of good grades or results from exams only. That is very short sighted and uneducated of our educationist/teachers. The techers and principals and bureaucrats themselves need educatng I think. The bulk of them .. coming from an earlier generation of half-baked education.

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