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Asia has no time for games with US

By Ding Gang (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:44, November 21, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The trip to the recent East Asia Summit proved worthwhile for U.S. President Barack Obama. Although the country's "return to Asia" strategy was not well received at the meeting, Obama was able to announce a massive 21.7-billion-U.S.-dollar order for 230 Boeing jets from Indonesia's largest domestic airline, Lion Air. The White House later said that Obama announced business deals worth at least 25 billion U.S. dollars during the trip, supporting around 127,000 U.S. jobs.

By contrast, China proposed at the summit to set up a 3-billion-yuan maritime cooperation fund between China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations to promote multi-level comprehensive maritime cooperation with the Southeast Asian nations. China announced in 2009 that it would provide 15 billion U.S. dollars in loans to support more than 50 infrastructure projects in almost all ASEAN countries.

This time, China decided to offer ASEAN another 10 billion U.S. dollars in loans, including a preferential loan of 4 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said on Nov. 18 that the country will offer 2 trillion yen, or more than 26 billion U.S. dollars, in aid for the development of infrastructure projects, such as airports and roads in ASEAN countries.

At present, the biggest challenge facing the United States is its sluggish economy, so China should pay greater attention to the economic measures of the superpower, which is actively seeking a "return" to Asia.

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Thein Shwe at 2011-12-07108.215.144.*
"Harmonious society" will trump warmongering, hegemonic strategic. Don"t we all remember Vietnam? Iraq invasion using bogus intelligence, failed war on terror in Afghanistan, threats against Iran, drone killings (extra judicial murders?),... more of the same ?
assan-ge at 2011-12-06116.197.0.*
As usual any good article that tells the truth and suppors China, Pentagon"s sockpuppets and CIA trolls starts appearing. Washington has no shame - manipulating its hate machine on the world wide internet t smear other people and countries. Washington is a sick place representing a sick country.
DJ at 2011-12-0650.99.21.*
This is a right path forward. Form an alliance with the have-not countries in ASEAN and share the oil and gas wealth with them, be the Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. Dominate the entire South China Sea with your own rigs. If the BP and Exxon could help the Viets to build hundreds of offshore rigs in the last ten years, do the same with 10-fold efforts and flood the entire area with your own production capacities and drive the oil price low. They cannot afford to pump money into a high risk area whereby the Viets will no longer settle for a 40-60 joint venture deal with BP and Exxon. BP and Exxon will not find it attractive to risk their hard earned money to fill the black hole of the Spratly Islets any more. PM Wen Jiabao did a good job in announcing in the 10+3 about the production bloc concept. PRC is indeed annoucing to the rest of world that it can do more for less because PRC has the manufacturing capacities that money cannot buy. Japan and US are trying to spray the ASEAN hundred with hundreds of billions of USD but eventually it would be of no avail. It is about time for PRC to put its head down and ramp up the oil and gas production in that part of the woods.
Flit at 2011-11-2624.67.184.*
Hurray for all the real truth written. Keep it up we do not want another power struggle. China is showing the world stability in economics, polictical stability and minding their own affairs and is more interested to commit itself to supporting their 1.3. Billion people.
Japan at 2011-11-2350.137.34.*
U.S. should have left China to Japan in WWII

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