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East Asia not US playground

By Tao Wenzhao (China Daily)

15:39, November 20, 2011

How to facilitate East Asian integration is the topic shared by leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other relevant countries, who are scheduled to meet in Bali, Indonesia, for the East Asian Summit on Saturday and who have already attended a series of preceding meetings.

As a key player in the region, China has had a consistently positive approach toward regional integration. Besides, the country's reform and opening-up over the past three decades have expedited its integration into the world economy and participation in globalization and regional integration processes.

In the context of globalization, regional economic integration remains an irreversible trend and a basic path for all countries to follow to realize mutual benefit, win-win results and common development.

China and the ASEAN have set a good example in developing bilateral ties. China, on its part, has been extending full support to the integration efforts made by ASEAN member countries and trying to consolidate relations with the bloc since the establishment of bilateral dialogue partnership in 1991.

During and after the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis, China offered as much assistance as possible to severely affected ASEAN member countries to help them overcome their difficulties. This helped China further in winning the trust of beneficiary nations and contributed much to their decision to establish a China-ASEAN free trade area. The full operation of the free trade area from January 1, 2010, has elevated bilateral economic and trade ties to new heights. As a result, China is now the largest trading partner of the ASEAN.

In Northeast Asia, too, China is committed to pushing for regional integration. Following a cooperative mechanism that China, Japan and the Republic of Korea started 10 years ago, the three countries have set up a regular summit meeting mechanism. And the establishment of the secretariat in the ROK in September has signaled a significant step toward regularizing the meeting.

Regional integration is a process of consultations conducted among relevant countries on an equal footing. All countries, whatever their economic levels and scales, should deal with each other under the principles of mutual respect and equal consultations. In this process, no country should force its own criteria on others, and standards and rules should be made only after negotiations among all the countries.

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The at 2011-11-2987.247.126.*
policy that you don"t allow some comments sucks! stop acting like children and give everyone free speechan angry European
PD User at 2011-11-22189.27.88.*
Penso que o império terrorista decadente colonialista vai mesmo afundar seu time lá nas águas do mar da China.
PD User at 2011-11-22207.6.121.*
All u Asian countries. Where are your backbones!!! Learn from Putin of Russia!!!
Nic at 2011-11-2160.53.121.*
I think US has no way to turn to except Asia. We do not mind their presence but we do not like their attitude of hegemony over everybody.With so much disruptions at home, so much unemployment, lost medical benefits and pensions funds..... why still try to build a sophisticated space killer to be able to bomb any part of the world in an hour? What is their motive? To destroy us one day? You will die too and we all perish out of your stupidity. Why? Cos other nations will start their killer program and they will get their killer weaponry too. You think they will spare you?I wait for the day when someone will stand up in UN and tell everybody to reduce their weaponry spending and demolish their atomic bombs. Whatever budget they have in military spending should be used for research on environment, food production, job creation....... Do we all not want a better world for our children? We have 7 billions inhabitants now, soon it will be 8, 9,10....! Why not do something useful rather than engage in suspicion and trying to kill others which you will also be killed. Or worst still, we all perish after that.Wake up and be more responsible from now!
John at 2011-11-2166.91.116.*
Can China top biblical Christianity from being preached and spread into East Asia or the Pacific?

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