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No need for alarm over US return to Asia

By Ding Gang (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:06, November 18, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.18 (People's Daily Online) --U.S. President Barack Obama recently gave an energetic lecture in Australia on how a more strengthened U.S.-Australia military alliance could safeguard the peace of the Asia-Pacific Region, and U.S.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried hard to persuade the Philippines to upgrade the historical alliance of the two countries so that they could meet new challenges of the 21st century.

Then, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will go to the Bali Island to attend the East Asia Summit. The United States is already an official member of the summit.

The United States is a practical country, and its "return to Asia" policy is aimed at obtaining practical profits. The ultimate reason why the United States wants to occupy a dominant position in both the political and military areas is that it wants to get profits and promote its own development as much as possible.

Actually, "returning to Asia" does not mean "returning," but means strengthening the United States' dominant position in Asia. If its dominant position is secured, it will be able to build up and shape Asia according to its own will and benefit itself from the development of Asia, especially the development of China.

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Filipino Pride at 2011-11-2099.63.162.*
Chinese people need to understand that they are claiming islands and waters that belong to other nations. There is a name for this - Imperialism. China grows more and more arrogant. Just because they have money now, they in turn, become bullies just as the west had. The difference this time, is that the West or the USA does not claim their land, China does. If you Chinese people do not know, because your media hides it from you, the nations of the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Japan, India all have territory you want to take from them. The maps in China showing that you own those territories, are found nowehere else in the world. Small weak countries know they cannot fight a bog, arrogant, imperialistic China on their own. Thats why they are forming alliances with each other and asking the USA for help. No amount of Chinese "diplomacy" or influence can take away from the fact that you are trying to steal land from the Philipines and other countries. They will not lay down and allow you to steal it from them.
emanon at 2011-11-1967.84.191.*
When powers seek domaninace at the same time over the same place they are bound to clash, history shows
helen at 2011-11-19203.82.80.*
With the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and military occupations winding slowly down, the United States is now focusing solely on China - to pressure more Asian nations against China and increase the US military encirclement of the mainland. The question is how to check US global Tyranny in this region?In the first place, PLA should stop all military exchanges with US military because the "info" gathered by the US military is used to pressure their US Congress to allocate more funds for US military adventures. It is pointless to continue the dialogue.PLA must never abandon its modernisation and should enhance its 2nd Artillery Corps to protect China sovereignty.China should use its economic clout to further expand its economic co-operation with Asian countries - this is the language most understood in this part of the world. And of course to conduct all bilateral trade in non-US$ currency.While "Riding the Weimar US$ Tiger", China should locate the weak acupuncture points to render the tiger impotent.The United States will concentrate on containing and destabilising China. It is a zero sum game for them. They will instigate border troubles, fund more and more terrorist activities, infiltrate and cause ethnic crisis, recruit Chinese nationals to subvert the Chinese government .... and everything imaginable or otherwise to bring down the Chinese government and the CPC and finally to dismember China. This is an ongoing agenda whoever sits in the white house and under so many guises, lies and diplomatic disinformation and confusion.Appeasement policies and kowtowing to the United States are suicidal for China. The next generation of Chinese leaders must really demonstrate to the world that "The Chinese People Have Stood Up!".The year 2012 will herald the greatest struggle for China and the Chinese people. Is the new leadership up to it!?
Larrydu at 2011-11-1960.49.120.*
Stupid essay by an ignorant moron. It was the failure of the Vietnam War that caused a pullback of American forces from Asia and to some extent a more serious engagement with China. But the American Right never came to terms with this and tried to rewrite history about the War, saying that, despite Americans climbing up rooftops to their helicopters to escape the Vietcong, the US never "lost" that war. Thus, the success of Bush Sr"s Gulf War was deemed to be "an end to the Vietnam Syndrome," meaning that it"s OK now to go to war again, even in Asia which MacArthur himself had warned the country not to. "Return to Asia" therefore means a return to a militarily aggressive posture, with constant threats of invasion and an implicit adoption of a Cold War containment policy regarding China.
wende at 2011-11-1871.255.93.*
China should give more benefits to those countries that do not join TPP. US cannot give them economic advantages. Also, China should keep stressing the fact that US is the threat to Asia as it has been at wars around the world for the longest time and China had been at peace with its neighbors most of the time. The same benefits should also give to those countries that do not have quarrel with China in South China Sea. This will give lessons to those countries that want China for trade and then join US to suppress China"s legitimate claims on South China Sea. One cannot have the cake and eat it too!

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