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Recommended reader's comments (Nov. 17)

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13:30, November 18, 2011

★ Read: Australia could be caught in Sino-US crossfire

1. Posted by Fred Jansohn at 2011-11-17 11:50:50
As an Australian living in Australia I think our government’s policy of strengthening military ties with the USA based on a fear of the rise of China is pure stupidity and short-sightedness. It shows a most superficial grasp of Chinese history, in which there is no record of Chinese aggression toward foreign countries. The paranoia attending this strengthening of ties is an expression of fear that China may do what the US has done repeatedly over the past few decades: invasion of a country to enhance or maintain its own profile and dominance in the area. The irony is that China’s economic rise means it has no need to launch invasions at a cost of billions of dollars or Yuan. It expands its influence in more productive and mutually beneficial ways by purchasing overseas products and real estate. A more mature government would give more than mere lip service to the saying that we live in the Asian century and maintain a position less likely to aggravate our largest trading partner, not to speak of the country that supplies Australia with the majority of its tourist dollars. (More)

★ Read: Philippines walking a very fine line
2. Posted by PD ConcernMalaysian at 2011-11-17 16:36:38
What The Philippines is doing is totally unwise and provocative not only China but Malaysia because the state of Sabah dispute which Philippines claim that Sabah is part of Philippines until today. This is totally unacceptable for Malaysia which claiming Sabah is Philippines province. ASEAN also in danger with Philippines moves.
If Philippines seeking US support on South China Sea issue, means it will use this issue to claim state of Sabah and confrontation between Malaysia and Philippines reignited. What I meant is if Philippines won in this battle with China, The next target is Malaysia due to Sabah dispute.
I as a Malaysian, I'm afraid that if Philippines trying to involving US in Asian issue, the Sabah dispute also US will interfere. (More)


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