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Philippines walking a very fine line

(Global Times)

09:38, November 17, 2011

The Philippines has been making waves in the South China Sea of late. It has settled to refer to the disputed waters as the "West Philippine Sea," sent officials to claim sovereignty on a disputed island and called on ASEAN countries to form a united front against China. The cabinet members of the Philippines have boldly lashed out against China, publicizing that the US-Philippine military cooperation is a strong warning signal.

These Philippine provocations bring negative political influences to the region, although some of them are only pet "performance projects" of the Philippine government. China must take fitting measures to pay the Philippines back. This is necessary to prevent another country taking a leaf out of the Philippines' book against China.

Currently, a similar strategy is prevailing among other East Asian countries, that is, benefiting from economic cooperation with China as much as possible while containing China's influences by either joining with the US or forcing China to make concessions on disputed issues. The Philippines is carrying out such a strategy.

China' punishment on the Philippines should be strong enough to offset negative influences brought by the Philippine insolence and discourage the dream of some nations to join with the US to contain China.

The pressure of domestic opinion is no excuse to forgive the Philippines' irresponsible behavior. The Philippines' unfavorable attitude toward China will not change quickly, but as long as punishing the Philippines does not affect the steady relations between China and other neighboring countries, the Philippines has fewer cards to play than China in the long run.

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Ming at 2011-12-2396.250.106.*
The Filipinos are a better people than us Chinese...I feel such SHAME and disgust for this horrible "opinion" article.
haler at 2011-12-02119.92.159.*
Philippines don"t need China. It"s the chinese people need the Philippines.
PD User at 2011-11-23117.201.18.*
the claim of press freedom in the West is a sham; most of the media are owned by private big business houses for whom objectivity is anathema ; they don"t provide genuine information but concocted stories only.
PD User at 2011-11-21220.255.1.*
China is welcomed to timber the Philippines’ tree, but not the Asean forest. The rest of the non claimant Asean are not interested in pimping Philippines aggressive rhetoric in his self designated West Philippines Sea, stroked and scripted by his behind the scene colonial sugar daddy. Asean was originally setup as a peaceful economic zone not to be deviated as a containment military alliance under the anxiety suffering one and only world"s superpower. What’s the region needs is peaceful high economic growth not high military tensions. The US is supposed to be invited to the summit as a partner" not a lord over Asean, which the current Asean leaderships failed to anticipate in the onset.
PD User at 2011-11-2176.124.224.*
@Kathy LangYou are KuLang-kuLang indeed!Meaning, you are retarded.There"s a difference between puppet and employee. The writer of this article is the employee of thPD which happens to be owned by the government. In the case of puppet, they are people who blindly follow someone to gain benefit.The President of Philippines is a good example of what a puppet means.You would think that there"s no press freedom in China?Granting you were right BUT China does not HYPOCRITICALLY shout to the whole world about press frEedom UNLIKE THE WEST WHERE they talk about it but censuring the press for anything that would embarrass their country.U.S press took a day or two with hesitation to report Occupy Wall Street.Protesting Filipino students threw eggs and white paint at Hilary Clinton"s car entourage BUT NOT WIDELY REPORTED IN U.S. NOT EVEN BY U.S propaganda TV network called CNN

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