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Australia could be caught in Sino-US crossfire (2)

(Global Times)

09:16, November 16, 2011

Some Australians have been arguing that China does need Australian resources to fuel its own economy, and thus the two countries rely on each other. It is true that China does not have many cards to play to respond to Australia. The US military presence in Australia will not change matters in the short-term. It remains to be seen how Australia will behave in the future and how China is going to respond.

But one thing is certain - if Australia uses its military bases to help the US harm Chinese interests, then Australia itself will be caught in the crossfire. Australia should at least prevent things from growing out of control.

China values its friendship with Australia, and people here understand Australia's difficulty in seeking the balance between two powers. However, there is a certain line that neither side should cross. Australia should cherish its friendship with China and show this, not merely spout soothing words.

Australia is nimble at navigating between great powers. We believe Australia has the wisdom of dealing with the US-China game and guarantee its own prosperity and security.

Australia should make endeavors to defuse, rather than increase, misgivings between the US and China. This will bring greater interests to both Australia's interests and to regional peace. In this regard, Australia can be a huge force for good.

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PD User at 2011-12-01175.141.49.*
If you knew the smiling Manadarin speaking Kelvin Rudd who tld USA to use force to get China to "tow the line" you would know the true face/heart of the Australians. They are just the lap dog of the USA and would jump at their every beck and call.Why the PM is a white and not an Aborigine?
PD User at 2011-11-30211.26.193.*
The US must begin to accept other players as equals. As time goes, more countries would also like to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour, not just as a supplier of cheap raw-materials as well as market for the products of the West. The US and the West should learn to deal with all the risng nations with respect and allow them to go about building their nations and future in any way they think suitable. The Western method of nation building is NOT the only way to success.
Jenghis at 2011-11-28115.64.102.*
When 2 elephants have a go, the ants will be trampled. Australians are the ants. Julia - please be smart-if your instint say go west, just go east. You seems to be so naive politically.When the 2 elephants make up and dance, the ants will be will be left holding the elephants" shit.
haha at 2011-11-23124.170.104.*
bring it on
PD User at 2011-11-23184.66.11.*
The present Austrlaian prime minister is considered the worst prime minister. She is just using the issue to divert attention from herself. It is also true that Australia has participated in most recent msjor US wars (Afganistan, Iraq, Vietnam..), kind of like a lackey. They should really think about what sufferings they have inflicted on the people of Vietnam and others. 3.2 million Vietnamese were killed according to Robert McNamra, former US Secretary of Defence. He at least said he was wrong in what the US had done.

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