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China model can absorb best of the West, discard rest

(Global Times)

08:55, November 16, 2011

In the global climate of economic crisis, from Japan to the US, from Greece to the whole of the EU region, economic growth is something people are longing for, and so is political stability. As the EU countries are stressing out about the possible spread of the "Greek Spring," the collapse of the EU even seems possible. In the meantime, China has been moving steadily towards further economic success. It can be expected it is just a matter of time until the "China model" will be closely examined in the international political sphere.

However, there is a fair amount of debate on this in China itself. Those who are finicky about the phrase "China model" worry that the static connotation of the word "model" will give the impression that the Chinese way is something rigid and stagnant, and this fixed system of operation is something inorganic and exportable, which is far from the truth.

However, as I see it, the use of "model" or "way" does not make much difference. The word "model" is just a common usage in economics. It is a crystallization of something systematic, not necessarily a static entity.

Those who are against the content of the China model itself are usually great admirers of the West. They see anything different to the way the West takes as bad and as a sign that modernization is not in full effect. They question how it is possible for a country to be so unique in terms of almost every aspect of governing and public policy. Why not simply adopt the Western approach that has proved effective already in so many countries? But were it not for our tremendous tenacity to explore our own way, the country might already have fallen into pieces.

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Nic at 2011-11-1960.54.92.*
Agreed. China"s present generation has grown through hardship and the leaderships understand what they want and are united in their pursue.But the new generation of "little emperor" era may have very different will to pursue further and preserve the continual struggle in future. How will this translate into China"s future is unsure and remain to be seen.Perharps, China should do some social science and check on this. Chinese believe that prosperity does not last 3 generations. How will this hold for China remains to be seen.
aziz at 2011-11-16195.191.66.*
chinese model is socialism with chinese charactristic. Every counntry can choose socialism with their own charactristic. Copying won"t work,and it needs hard work to find one"s own way.
PD User at 2011-11-16114.160.71.*
China can only be a successful nation if and only if its internal and external components are representatives in the modern world. It is doing very well in external trade, but there is little to celebrate regarding its people ethical codes.China has lifted millions out of poverty in a short time and it is time to lift the ethics of all its people. This is a must do for China since the escalation of the unethical values in its people will make China very hard to administer. Like, people take matters into their own hands which result as a disadvantage to the rest. To get the same footing, more advantage or even get things done, each and everyone go their own way and so China will never succeed as a civilised, harmonious society. China has recently published a set of socialist laws with Chinese characteristics. It needs enforcement and follow through.
Inculcating humanistic values for all the people can be achieved in a relatively short time, in a number of years. In the Guangzhou BRT line, the recording remind the users continuously not to smoke, litter and spit, recently. I noticed an immediate drop in the number of people doing as they like, like smoking. There were one or two defiant ones that ignored the reminder, but the BRT operators can kicked out any offender. Added to a fine of 1000 Yuan for littering and spitting, this problem will go away in a matter of days, instead of years.The driving behaviours is a symptom of an uncaring, selfish and inconsiderate society. It was dangerous for me to cross the road, even with zebra-crossing, pedestrian-light, CCTV and even in the presence of a police officer in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Jinan, etc. Hong Kong, a part of China, does not have such a problem. This is an indication that there is no enforcement in the basic rules. Why not start with a fine of 5000 Yuan for each offence? This simple step will move the people towards full compliance with all basic rules in a matter of weeks. Not doing it, China may be responsible in hanging a person for deliberately rolling over a pedestrian and there will be two state victims.It is the responsibility of China to attain the soft power of its people, that is, the people will automatically, first and foremost, take into consideration of the country and the world in whatever they do. Like, there will be no "Arab Spring" inside China since the people know what is good and bad for the country. Like, the burning of plant residues in the central plains after harvesting that result in the poor air quality in many Chinese cities with smoke particles going to Japan and Korea. Like, gaining the minimum profit by industries along the Yangtze river, but polluting the water sources that affect millions.China know through experience that the only way to administer all its ethnic groups as a cohesive and harmonious country is to treat them fair and square without any discrimination. This same principle of equal treatment of ethnic groups can be applied as equal treatment and same law to all its people. The moment has arrived for China to do it. Size the moment and do it right for the world. It is only then that China has come of age when all its people are of equal standing in the world. China most profound contribution to the world, as a state, is to get the people worldwide to know what is good and what is bad for our fragile planet earth - not infinite economic growth.
McCarthy at 2011-11-16206.125.69.*
Agreed, the China model with it"s scientific socialism at the core is far superior to the anything goes capitalist western model. However, China walks a fine line between central planning and the market place. A tilt in either direction would bring very unpleasant results. The entire China model is dependent on a single minded purposful political outlook and party. The CPC is the control mechanism and the model depends on the CPC"s leadership. If for instance China had two or more competing political parties and idealogies the China model would be torn to pieces by the directional changes when the different political outlooks of different parties compete. In the 21st century with 7 billion people, central planning and consistency in direction is key for any government along with the eradication of single minded individualism and unfettered capitalism. In other words the dictatorship of the prolitariate is the way forward. The Socialist model of development must be extended to the world. Not only China needs central planning and a scientific approach to the needs of it"s people, but the world also will greatly benefit from the China/Communist model.

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