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Recommended reader's comments (Nov. 14)

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13:46, November 15, 2011

★ Read: Has power shifted eastward?

1. Posted by Sam Teng at 2011-11-14 09:30:18
Most Asian countries have been depending on developed countries of the West and US both economically and militarily. Current shift in economic achievements globally has shown many Asian countries are doing better that the West and US. Now is the time for Asian countries to stand on their own feet and gain respect from other nations. Being independent of other countries will also do away the many strings attached by the more powerful countries. Now is the time for Asian countries to restore some pride, be able to speak without fear, be able to be counted as partners and most importantly, to do away of being a puppet and being twisted around. Asian countries should promote peace and prosperity among of the region by cooperation and mutual trust. That way, we hope to see a more respectable and proud region of Asia without the interference and influence of western and US powers which had caused more destruction and hardships to many innocent citizens of Asian countries. (More)

★ Read: President Hu: US woes not yuan-related
2. Posted by PD User at 2011-11-14 11:39:54
The exchange rate did not cause structural problems in the US economy, such as the trade deficit and unemployment the US should loosen export controls on high-tech products to China and make it more convenient for Chinese firms to invest in the US. These have been repeated many times before but US appear thick and choose not to understand them. They like to sing the same old song again and again. (More)

★ Read: World hopes APEC can kick-start economy
3. Posted by kut at 2011-11-14 03:02:16
China should always consider itself like a united China. You should increase trade among your 23 provinces. You should slowly reduce your trade with USA in the next decades. During the past three decades, I had noticed that whenever USA lose out in the competition in any products, US give excuses and blamed China for things such as currency manipulation and for thing such as below cost dumping by China in US, etc. Whatever you do, please develop your products to a much better quality products and better efficiency products. Once you are able to increase the efficiency of your solar panels to 10 times better than USA products, it is ok if USA is not going to buy your products. In fact you do not have to sell to them since they are not happy. Sell it to third world countries, to Europe, India and Africa and let our brothers in Europe, India and Africa make money by selling to USA instead. Let USA buy solar panels from Europe, India and Africa at much higher cost if they prefer this way. No point talking to unreasonable people. Just concentrate on your quality and efficiency of all your products. This is the only way to prevent problems with USA. Concentrate on Asia, Europe and Africa. Reduce your trade with USA. That is the way forward. (More)

★ Read: Another war is coming?
4. Posted by wende at 2011-11-14 21:33:21
US will diffuse the difficulty if it plays fair by checking in also the nuclear capabilities of Israel. The problem is, most people are seeing the double standard of the US. US can turn a blind eye to an ally but will try to pick every needle in the hay stack when it comes to its perceived enemies. (More)

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