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Rising food prices endanger Asia's poor

By Iwan J. Azis (Global Times)

16:45, November 14, 2011

Illustration: Liu Rui

Catastrophic flooding and crop losses in Thailand, the world's leading rice exporter, are raising concerns that another food crisis may be in the offing. More disquieting is the possibility that the world may have already entered a new era where persistently high food prices are the "New Normal."

At a time when policymakers are grappling with a host of thorny economic issues, the possibility may be unwelcome, but must not be ignored.

Although volatility in commodity markets is nothing new, there are worrying signs that food-price fluctuations are now taking place within a much higher band than ever before. Even when prices dip they remain high by historic standards, and when prices rise it's enough to put a serious dent in families' budgets.

For Asia's poor, who already spend 60 percent of their household budget on food, even the smallest fluctuation in food prices forces unenviable choices on where best to devote their scant resources. More money for food means less for healthcare, education or other important expenditures. It also means that those striving to escape absolute poverty are less likely to do so, while millions more risk falling below the $1.25 a day poverty line.

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ji at 2011-11-2286.183.165.*
True that obesity is the sign of plenty since every animal species do enjoy eating as a source of pleasure in and of eating itself, and no one is claiming that everyone who is overweight is necessarily failing to act rationally, though we do reject the claims that all or almost all families have excessive birth rates are religious fanatics.The rich-poor divide is visible from the billion plus who are obese, and the near billion poor who are malnourished since the 1980s in some areas of North America, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, parts of the Middle East, China, and Australia, obesity rates have risen three folds, according to the World Health Organization.Though obesity has overwhelming evidence in increasing risks of heart disease and diabetes or premature deaths, it would be quite fantastic to suggest that everyone is choosing a balanced birth to death ratio, though the danger side on slimming pills did killed a lot of people every year.The era for world population to increase by a billion in numbers every ten years instead of a billion in numbers every twenty odd years has started, and if GM food and factory grow hormone meat produce cannot fulfil our near future demand, then we are living in the final Century of mankind in our world, since humanity already uses the equivalent of 1.3 Planet Earth for the resources we needed today, thus the food supply and fossil fuel peaked in this decade.In this final century, Mars is the new frontier as a result of the unrestrained births had far exceed the human death rates, and since the number of human heads had exceeded the size of the human carbon footprints, due to humanity had already uses the equivalent of 1.3 Planet Earth for the resources we needed today, we are the bacterium in a jar.
PwYzpHvYdXsSIhLeyPz at 2011-11-22213.247.64.*
Aritcels like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

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